How to Protect Yourself From Hearing Loss

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Hearing Loss in America is on the rise, and this is something we all don't want to hear

Hearing Loss and How to Protect Yourself

We all love music. In fact, my last article centered on the power of music, but sometimes listening to to much music can have side effects.

Hearing Loss in Teens

According to data taken from a national health and nutrition survey there has been a 30% increase in the number of teens between the ages of 12 to 19 that have some form of hearing loss. The kind of hearing loss that was found was mostly high frequency hearing loss. This type of hearing loss is caused by exposure to sounds over 85 decibels for too long.

It is caused by teens who like to crank the volume up. The way this works is that cells in the inner ear called hair cells interpret sound and send it to the brain. Loud music over a long period of time damages these cells, and they do not regenerate.

Most teens don't realize that they are causing hearing loss with Ipods and loud music. The most common symptom is loss of understanding of speech with background noise, so you can see how someone might not notice it until they are in a crowded place and they need their hearing the most.

If you are a parent of a teen who you see on the music player for a long period of time; then you need to tell him/her that the music could acually be damaging his/her hearing. Some common rules I stumbled across while researching this topic were

1. If you are playing music and the person next to you can hear it; then it is too loud

2. Follow the 60/60 rule only turn the volume up to as high as 60% of the max, and only for 60 minutes

3. If you notice a person that cannot hear you speak as easily as they once could; you should get them a hearing class

4. Always protect your hearing and remember anything over 85 decibels is considered damaging to your hearing

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