How to Relive Left Side Lower Back Pain

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Left side lower back pain is often due to an injured muscle which has been weak and inflexible for a period of time. Tai Chi, a certain type of exercise is currently gaining a lot of buzz on its effectiveness to provide relieve for back problems. This may be the reason why groups of people can be seen executing the exercise in parks or gymnasiums.

How Tai Chi Exercises Relieve Back Pain in Lower Left Side?

Tai chi is the traditional type of martial art which is gentle and smooth, allowing it to be an excellent option for those who suffer from a backache. Many studies have noted that it can help refine posture, lessen vertebrae deterioration, greatly enhance stability, and improve sturdiness as well as firmness of the spinal cord. In contrast to yoga, it involves wide movements; however, is not as much shaking on the joints as the aerobic workout. It enables a person to merge advantages of meditation, routine workouts, controlled breathing along with yoga in a single group of exercises.

Executing those exercises won’t make you perform any jarring movements. Matter, in fact, more and more people are enticed to join the group as the routines are carried out in a slow and deliberate motion. This makes it ideal not only for young adults but the elder population as well.

There is about three part of Tai Chi drill: movement, breathing, and meditation.
1.Movement: As mentioned above the movements are slowly and deliberately executed. With the low-impact activities, people improve their posture, body balance, and alignment. Furthermore, the exercise keeps their stamina improved and makes the back muscles stronger and more flexible to movement.
2.Breathing: Doing the exercise require one to focus on breathing which should be rhythmic. Breathing this way makes oxygen perfusion to different body parts improved thereby nourishing the brain and muscles, including those in your lower part of your body.
3.Meditation: One main reason why muscles soreness occurs is that of stress and fatigue. Meditating while performing exercises keeps the stress away and so the backache.
This form of healing exercise managed to demonstrate its usefulness among lumbago sufferers. First of all, it is a non-invasive procedure. Subsequently, the cost of a session is very cheap compared to the charges of backache treatments. The fact that it is mentally refreshing makes it an ideal exercise too. Those exercises have been referred as a “meditation in motion.”

Ancient China Theory
Theoretically, it works by enhancing an individual’s ‘vital energy’ otherwise known as ‘qi.’ When a person executes, this exercise energy seems to flow through the body via 20 pathways which are believed to improve a person’s health condition. By theory, if the qi is not smoothly flowing, such as blocked by certain forces, illness is inevitable.

Scientific Theory
Tai Chi has shown effectiveness in the treatment and prevention of the left side lower back pain. Significantly, it is non-invasive, very affordable, and sensitive to the spinal cord. A wide range of people having backache are beginning to try it out, as an addition, or in some cases in place of conventional medical solutions such as inversion therapy to control discomfort in the lower back.


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