How to Solve The Childhood Obesity Problem

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Michele Obama is the public force on childhood obesity. Her program is called "Lets Move." She will be looking at ways to improve nutrition in the public schools. The plan I have devised would turn inactive children into active, healthier and smarter students. If my plan was adopted, todays children would look better, feel better, have more energy, less stress and they would be smarter.

Lets Move

Today, February 28, 2010 I was reading the Kansas City Star and learned that President Obama established a task force on childhood obesity. Michelle Obama is the public face of the administration’s new “Lets Move” campaign.
She is addressing the School Nutrition Association’s Legislative Action Conference to change the standards of the food and beverage industry. This issue is important and long overdue.

Testing History

President Eisenhower created the President’s Council on Youth Fitness to concentrate on public awareness in 1956. In 1957 the physical fitness test was developed and what we call today the President’s Challenge. Fifty two years later we now have a generation of children who are not expected to outlive their parents because of inactivity.

What Is Happening In Public Schools Today

Are you aware of what is happening in the public schools in America? Students are spending more time on reading and math to maintain adequate yearly progress which is enforced by the department of education and mandated by the 2010 No Child Left Behind Act. Many schools have shortened recess and the majority of the nations children have less than ninety minutes of activity in physical education per week. Fitness standards have changed. Many schools have adopted easier fitness tests for children because the children could not pass The President’s Challenge test. The Presidential Test standard is 8:23 for the mile run. Many students in physical education classes today complete the mile run in 14 to 15 minutes. If daily physical education was required by the federal government for sixty minutes each day, our children would be healthier, happier, have more energy and they would be smarter. 1 Aerobic exercise reinforces neural connections by increasing the number of dendrite connections between neurons, creating a denser network, which is then better able to process and store information

Weight Loss Plan

Why should physical education be required in grades kindergarten thru high school for forty-five minutes to one hour a day. Here is the simple plan.

Children are physically active for forty-five minutes a day. They would burn approximately 300 calories.

300 calories
X 5 days a week.
1,500 calories
X 36 weeks in a school year.
54,000 calories burned every school year.

3,500 Calories is essentially one pound.

54,000 calories divided by 3,500 calories is fifteen pounds.

Let's Solve The Problem

Therefore, students who ate healthier nutritious food and exercised in physical education class could lose fifteen pounds per year. On the flip side students who are inactive could gain fifteen pounds each year by not participating in required physical activities. Fifteen pounds each year would put a sixth grader at an extra one hundred and five pounds. This is only an example, but it shows one way of tackling childhood obesity.

Since about one in three American children are now overweight now is the time to promote legislation and government regulation. For fifty two years our nation has known that physical activity and nutrition are important, but we have failed to follow through with implementation. If we have legislation that the government wants us to improve reading a math scores, we need legislation that requires students to have daily physical education. We don’t want a nation that can read and write but is obese with asthma, heart disease and cancer. As a physical education and health teacher, I worry about the cost of health care as well as the healthiness and happiness of this generation of children.


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author avatar Dennisha
5th Mar 2010 (#)

Mrs.Harms you did a good job. You shouls kepp wrhiting you are verry good. :)

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21st Apr 2010 (#)


This enlightened me :o!!!
Encouraging me to excersise more <3 :D Thanks

- simone and ashton

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author avatar Edmond S. Tonido
20th Dec 2010 (#)

I like your article. It is logical and doable.

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