How to Stay Away from Overweight Problem

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Some people are constantly bothered by being overweight; meanwhile they believe losing weight is a mission impossible to accomplish. Indeed, if you can follow the right tips, it's possible to lose weight naturally day by day.

How to Stay Away from Overweight Problem

Tip No.1: Start your meal with a soup or salad and forget the dessert.

If you like to serve yourself an entre before main course, you can start with a soup or salad. After enjoying the entre, you will feel less hungry and get satiated more easily.

Everybody knows cute and sweet desserts always contain a lot of calories. If you want to lose pounds effectively, you should break the habit of taking dessert.

Tip No.2: If you can't cut the desert, you can eat fruits as dessert.

If you can't resist dessert, you may choose some sweet fruits to replace the high-calorie cakes, pies or ice cream. In Asia, people love eating sweet fruits after enjoying a heavy meal. If you take a look at their slim figures, you must understand why you should use the fruits to replace other desserts.

Tip No.3: Eat spicy food.

If you are not used to a spicy taste, the pepper has the power to reduce your appetite. By adding spices to your recipes, you may eat less and absorb fewer calories.

Furthermore, according to researches, spicy food can boost your metabolism to burn more calories more quickly.

Tip No.4: Drink 4 cups of green tea each day.

Drinking 4 cups of green tea per day can also stimulate your metabolism. The faster your body burns the fat, the slimmer you can become.

Tip No.5: Choose lean meat instead of fatty meat.

Fat meat contains a lot of calories. Each gram of fat provides 11 calories, while carbohydrate and protein contain only 6 calories per gram. You should choose lean meat, poultry or fish, instead of fatty beef or pork.

Tip No.6: Cook with a nonstick skillet.

A nonstick skillet allows you to cook with less oil. In this way, you can bring less fat into your each meal. Less fat means fewer calories.

Tip No.7: Drink plenty of water.

In addition to hydrating your body, water helps to reduce your appetite. Make it a habit to drink a glass of water before each meal.

Tip No.8: Be active, while watching TV.

Why don't you get some exercise while watching TV? For example, you can do some weight lifting in front of TV.

Tip No.9: Go shopping on foot.

The grocery store is 10 minutes from home? Then go on foot. A twenty-minute walk is a good daily exercise for burning excess fat. You choose delivery service because the shopping bags are too heavy? Otherwise, you can carry the bags by yourself, resulting in burning more calories.

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Nice article. Lifting weights while watching TV was something I done quite frequently when I watched a lot of TV. Thanks for sharing.

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