How to Take Care of Your Eyes

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Eyes are delicate organs that perform the vital function of sight. It is one of the sense organ whose absence can make one’s life dark. So it is very important to protect and take good care of them.

Caring for Your Eyes

Eyes are delicate organs that perform the vital function of sight. It is one of the sense organ whose absence can make one’s life dark. So it is very important to protect and take good care of them so that we can see this beautiful world thru them.
One sees and reciprocates according to what he has seen. If the vision is clear and sharp one can turn the world around. Therefore it is not only important to have a good sight but also very important to maintain the same for years to come.

Tips for a healthy and Sharp eyesight:

Diet: Vitamin A is the most essential vitamin required for the nourishment of the eyes. A diet rich in vegetables such as green leafy vegetables, drumstick, carrot, beetroot, and fresh fruits including mango and papaya provide the adequate amount of vitamin A.

Lighting: The light source and the amount of light needed and provided by the light source should be taken care of since it can have direct effect on the eyes.
Light source should be positioned behind the objects posture of reading. For example if one is reading a book then the light should be focused behind him. Direct glare should be always avoided.Reading material should be placed 12-14 inches away from the object.

Visual Display Units: These include TVs and computers. These are known as the main hazards nowadays which cause many eye related problems even leading to partial or complete loss of vision. Prolonged exposure to these units can cause headaches, burning and watering of eyes, blurring of vision, double vision etc.

People working for hours together on computers should take extra care as to protect their eyes. Use of anti-glare glasses with UV protection should be used. One should take 5 minutes break after every half an hour work, this reduces the strains on the eyes.

Watching TV in a dark room should be avoided. A well-lit room with a tube light is the ideal place for watching TV.

Distance of viewing is also important, and it should be maintained at not less than 4 meters from the television set.

Placement of the computer screen should also be monitored. It should be either at the eye level or slightly lower. This will reduce the direct reflection of the screen. The recommended distance between the monitor and the eye should be around 18-28 inches. This should be always maintained for both young and old.

Allergies: Eyes are the common site for most of the allergies due to presence of the open glands which become passage for the bacteria to spread. Therefore it is very important to maintain the hygiene of the eye by frequently washing with plain cold water. As soon as any mild signs of allergy are seen, it should be treated immediately to prevent the further spread.

No eye drops should be put in the eyes without proper consultation from an ophthalmologist.

UV Light: Overexposure to sunlight is harmful and can cause damage to the eyes. While out in the sun one should always wear sun glasses with UV reflection. This will protect the eyes from harmful UV rays.

Cool packs or cucumber slices should be placed over the eyes to reduce the strain caused by sunlight, besides providing cooling effect to our eyes.

Sleep: adequate and sound sleep is very much important for healthy eyes. Disturbed sleep can cause dark circles around the eyes. Also improper sleep can cause swelling under the eyes, giving them a puffy look.

A sleep of at least 8 hours is required to maintain healthy eyesight.

Relaxation process: Meditation or relaxation of the whole body also has a very good impact on ones eyesight. Just closing your eyes for few minutes and focusing at a particular object (e.g. in between the eyebrows) can relax both the body and the mind, and once these are relaxed, it directly shows good results in the other sense organs, including the eyes.

In case of any complaints related to eyes occur it should be immediately reported to the doctor so that early medication is done and loss of vision is prevented.


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