How to Treat Cataract at Home?

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Cataract is clouding of the lens of the eyes. Home remedies are also available, apart from surgery. Here are some ways which can help to eliminate cataract.


Carrots are the best way for cataract problem. If you cannot consume raw carrot, you can have carrot juice daily twice, in the morning and evening.


Eating raw garlic is another remedy for cataract. You can consume 2 – 3 cloves of garlic everyday. Chew them slowly. Garlic has the function to cleanse the crystalline lens of the eye. If you have acidity problem, you should be careful when you take garlic.

Pumpkin Flowers

This is another simple remedy for cataract, pumpkin flowers. You must extract juice from pumpkin flowers and then apply on your eyelids twice a day.


Person who is suffering from cataract problem must intake 6grams of aniseeds daily, twice. There is another choice wherein you can consume aniseeds with coriander and sugar, but little. The quantity should be 12 grams in the morning and evening.


This is another natural remedy for cataract treatment.7 kernels of almonds with ½ gram of pepper in water should be consumed. In this way, eyes will regain the vigor.

Unprocessed Honey

This is and Egyptian remedy and a part of cataract treatment. You need to put honey into the eyes daily. This will give relief from any eye diseases.

Castor Oil

An individual suffering from cataract must take Castor oil. The Castor oil must be kept in the eyes before going to bed. The quantity should be two drops of Castor oil. The oil should not contain any other particles.


This is the best vegetable for cataract treatment because it is an antioxidant. It is similar to beta carotene. Many people who eat beta carotene, by consuming fruits and vegetables do not suffer from cataract so easily.


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author avatar Jerry Walch
18th Aug 2010 (#)

Hi Shwetha. Can you reference and scientific studies done to substantiate what you have written here?

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author avatar Euphonos
18th Aug 2010 (#)

My grand father is doctor Jerry, He gave these tips.

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author avatar rajaryanme
19th Aug 2010 (#)

Hats off to grand doc. Very useful tips here. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Euphonos
19th Aug 2010 (#)

thank you raj :)

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author avatar Nelz
16th Sep 2010 (#)

Nice information

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