How to boost your brain power?

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This article will take you through ways to help you boost your brain power and prevent age related memory loss.

The Human Brain

Your brain is a source of thinking power where ideas originate, concepts assimilate, new solutions are worked out and so many more important things go on in the wonderful brain.

The brain stores millions of memories, a treasure trove where you can recollect and remember so many facts. Without the brain we would not be able to perform our day to day tasks and excel in them. The brain needs to be nimble and work fast.

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Ways to boost your brain power

1. Eat foods that help the brain to function efficiently. Your brain needs energy to function. Whole grains release energy slowly and provides a steady supply of energy to the brain continuously.

Foods like wheat or multigrain cereals, wholemeal bread, brown rice are some of the foods that will release energy slowly.

Essential Fatty Acids(EFA) such as omega-3 help to keep the brain healthy. Flax Seed oil, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, soya beans are rich in EFA. Oily fish such as salmon, trout, mackerel, herrings, sardines are also rich in EFA’s.

2. Include nuts in your diet. All types of nuts are rich in magnesium. Magnesium helps to improve memory power and slows down memory loss with age.

3. Blueberries and strawberries are rich in antioxidants that will help to protect your brain from free radical damage. It also boosts memory power and helps to slow down memory loss with age.

4. Keep yourself hydrated. Dehydration slowly kills the cells of the brain.

5. Listen to music, it helps to relax and energize the brain.

6. Make sure to exercise. Exercising boosts blood circulation to the brain and keeps the brain healthy.

7. Playing games like Sudoku, chess, crossword puzzles, word searches exercise the brain muscles and helps to think fast.

8. Read to stimulate the brain and help process new thoughts and ideas.

9. Relaxing helps the brain to rejuvenate. When you are very busy during the day your brain will be filled with so many things to do. During these times the brain will not be able to take in new information.

10. Make sure to get a minimum of six hours of sleep to relax and rest your brain.

Follow a healthy lifestyle, eat foods that boost brain power and play brain stimulating games to keep your brain up and active.


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