How to burn fat fast and also reduce snacking!

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This article will contain methods of exercising to maximize fat burning and also discuss ways of eating less with a reduction in unhealthy snacking.

Burning Fat

Regardless of your motive losing body fat is very achievable, especially with the following quick workout. This workout is what is known as high intensity training. In high-intensity training the goal is for you to work as hard as you can to get your heart racing but within a short time frame usually around 15-30 minutes. Firstly, the workout will be listed and further down the article the movements you should try to achieve will be given.


Warm up

2 minutes skipping at a moderate pace


20 Squat jumps

30 sit ups

30 calf raises (15 each leg)

250 metre run

Repeat workout three times as fast as possible.

Explanation of the movements.

Squat jumps, like their name implies is a jump from a squatting position. Start with your feet shoulder-width apart and bend at your knees so that your thighs are parallel to the floor, and you are in a sitting position. From this, position uses the energy stored in your legs by s to propel yourself upwards by straightening them; this should cause you to jump. When landing bend at the knees so that you end up in your starting position.

Sit ups are relatively simple. Lay on your back with your legs bent to form a triangle. Hold your hands beside your head, this will be your starting position. Using your abdominal muscles raise your upper body as close as you can to your knees without moving your feet. You may swing your arms forward to help propel your torso upwards. Once your torso is at your knees slowly lower it back to the ground.

Calf raises are excellent calf exercises. Stand on one foot and simply raise your heel as high as you can so that you are standing on the ball of your foot. Slowly lower your heel back to your starting position and repeat.

How to reduce unhealthy snacking

The first issue which needs to be addressed is whether or not your snacking is a result of a craving or simply habit. The most effective way at reducing snacking on unhealthy foods is to not have those foods easily obtainable. For example if you know that you absolutely love salt and vinegar chips and if you ate one you would have to eat them all just don't buy those chips in the first place. This well help reduce the habit of eating unhealthy foods. If your body simply craves a particular type of food the table below will tell you ways around eating the unhealthy craving.

What you crave: What your body wants: Healthier alternatives:

Burgers, chips and takeaways Salt Sushi.
Crisps and bread Protein Meat, fish, chicken or eggs
Chocolate Magnesium Nuts, seeds and wholegrain
Caffeine Iron Crudites, such as raw broccoli, or dried fruit,
Lollies carbon, phosphorus, sulphur Broccoli, grapes, cheese, dried beans, liver, chicken, fresh fruits, beef, fish, egg, dairy, grains, cranberries
Oily or fatty foods Calcium Mustard, turnips, broccoli, kale, legumes, cheese

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