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If you are wondering how to increase the number of calories you burn check this out.

Increasing the calories you burn

Increasing the number of calories you burn can be simple with determination and a few changes within your lifestyle. People look for the magic cure to burn calories, when in truth, there is no such thing. Making a few alterations to your lifestyle will help you burn more calories a live healthier.

Weight lifting

Weight lifting has many benefits. Creating a weekly routine to help you build muscle will help burn calories while working out. Weight lifting is important to help build both strong bones and muscles. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn naturally. It is important to mix up your routine every 10-12 weeks to keep your muscles strong. If you keep with the same routine your body will become used to the workout and the results will not be as effective.


When you are working out add sprints to your cardio routine. You can do this with any type of cardio: running, swimming or biking. While you are biking do so at a steady pace, then for 60 seconds ride your bike as fast as you can and return to your steady pace. Do this within your routine each time you do a cardio workout. Mixing up your heart rate will help burn calories faster.

Walk more

A person should walk more than 10,000 steps a day. This is the equivalent to a five mile walk. To ensure you are getting your five miles in each day you can do several things. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and when you park for the store or work, park further away from the door. At the office when you have been sitting for a bit get up and walk around the office for a bit and stretch your legs. If you still haven’t reached your goal take a family walk at night after dinner. This will give you time together with your family and help you burn more calories.


Each morning when you get up do some stretches or a few yoga moves. This will help lengthen your muscles and wake you up in the morning. It will keep you limber, feeling better and prevent injuries.

Burning more calories can be quite simple if you just add a few simple steps into your every day routine. Kick your workout up a notch, walk a few extra steps and do more weight lifting. Keep your lifestyle healthy and you will burn calories easier.

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This is very helpful article I must thank you for this.

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Good tips, especially the sprinting part.

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