How to choose the best anti pollution Mask

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The air we breathe in India is polluted and is far above the permissible limits and can make us sick. Wearing a right Mask is the only way out.

How to choose the best anti pollution Mask

In India, the air pollution is killing us. No this is not an exaggeration; the air quality that we breathe is dangerously toxic. It gets worse in winter. And anyone who has spent time in Delhi on Diwali night knows how difficult it can be to even breathe. On Diwali night the level of pollutants like SO2, NO2, as well as particulate matter smaller than 10μM, is 2 to 6 times more than normal. This makes life miserable for asthmatics and people who are allergic to smoke. Even on the normal days, the pollution level in Delhi and indeed any metro in India is far above the permissible limits.

Suspended particulate matter or PM is an evil concoction of chemicals like aluminum, arsenic, sulfur, manganese, iron dust Cadmium, Cobalt that mix in air and directly inhaled by us. These PM 2.5 elements are the source of all kinds of diseases including cancer and many other deadly diseases. Indeed the city air in India is becoming unbeatable. The cities are turning into gas chambers of sorts and making us sick. The situation is even worse for elderly, children and the ailing persons.

Unfortunately, we can do little on the individual level to lower the pollution in the city. Of course, we must do our bit by taking public transport as much as we can, burn less fuel and use clean energy so that we don’t pollute the air. But when we have to go out to our office or college or factory we need some kind of protection. The only protection that is possible today is anti-pollution Masks which are designed to filter out harmful elements in the air and to an extent give you breathable air.

Unfortunately, wearing many of the available Masks does no good. In fact, it actually worsens the situation. Most people do not make a difference between a good anti-pollution Mask and an ordinary surgical Mask which provides not protection. This lack of awareness is indeed is responsible for the sale of low-grade Masks which are useless. Best Anti Pollution Mask worth its salt should protect the wearer from two kinds of pollutants

1. Respiratory Suspended Particulate Matter with diameter less than less than 2.5 (PM2.5)
2. Sulfur dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)

Besides, there are recommendations from various agencies such as WHO that give directions when a Mask should be worn. Most agencies recommend that if PM 2.5 levels go beyond 150, a Anti Pollution Face Mask must be worn. But choosing a Mask is also a daunting task. Many options are available with confusing scientific specifications so it is hard to judge the quality of the Anti Pollution Face Mask. Let’s make it simple go for N-99 respirators which are your best bet against pollution. An N-99 respirator is better because it filters 99% of particulate matter. To protect one from noxious gases, for that you need a Mask that is coated with absorbents like Alumina and Silica.

There are three kinds of Masks, without the valve, with one valve and with two valves. The rule is to choose the one with valves in case you are performing strenuous tasks like jogging or cycling while wearing the Mask. Also getting the size that fits you is an important consideration. The Best Masks come in various sizes all the way from extra small for small kids to extra-large for adults
VogMask, the best anti pollution mask in India is indeed a good choice. They are N-99 rated, which means that they filter an average of 99.978% particulate matter (PM2.5). Do choose the model based on the design that you prefer. There are 15 attractive designs for men, women and for kids to choose from. Besides VogMask is washable though washing will not clean the pollutants and will just help clean off dust particles stuck to the outer layer of the Mask. You will still need to replace the Mask after the life is over.


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