How to do well in both spiritually and physically

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Sharing on the way to do well in both spiritually and physically

The past me

I am a 27 years old girl now.

I graduated in 2010, started my career and working life in this year. However, my thoughts on "life purpose" was not starting at that year.

"Why we are born in this world?"
"Why my life is so boring and suck?"
"What are our purposes on coming to this world and live this life?"

These were just part of my questions keep confusing me, even i was still studying at school.

I was waiting for a chance, a chance that can give me a purpose and let me know what to fight for. I thought what I was doing in my life is so meaningless, school , eat, back to home, and loop again......... I was looking so hard for a way to escape from this loop.

I think this questions make me suffer for years.

One day, at about mid of 2011, I heard about 2012 Doomsday.

I wasn't feeling scare at that time. There was only one though in my mind at that time " Oh Yes! This what my life for! I am born to experience this special events, and maybe save some people too!"

But then, 2012 had nothing happened.

I was shocked, and depressed by the unchange after 2012 Doomsday. I got lost again.

The New Age theories

Around end of 2012, people started talking a lot on the New Age theories. I got a lot of messages and learned a lot of new knowledge. "The Conversation With God" gave me the greatest "shock".

But no matter how many books and theories I have learned about, those questions still bothering me for years, uptil 2014.

I know that we are born to this world to EXPERIENCE things, and to love. However, since I felt my life is so boring, how can I feel happy on 'trying things out' ?

With these kind of feelings, I pushed away all the things in physical world. Especially my job.

14 March 2014

On 14 March 2014, I suddenly solve the problem. I mean, I suddenly understand why "God" need to separate himself in to so many pieces ( which are "us"), just to experience something.

In New Age theories, it is always mentioned that the "GOD" knows everything. He is the original source of everything around us. He knows everything, but he hasn't try on everything before.

On the day of 14 March, I suddenly tried to think, if I am the GOD, and if I know everything already,what will I feel?

And I got the answer: Boring.

That's it! Maybe, when GOD hasn't separate himself into us, he was just lying in some space, alone and bored. He know so many thing, but he has nothing to do with these knowledge. The situation is just like : "I know ABC, but without someone, or without something to write on, what can I do if I know these characters?"

If we have someone , we can talk to them by re-combining the characters into words.
If we have some paper, we can write the words to books.

That's what GOD faced. He know everything but what he can't use, are everything!
That's why he created the world, that's why he transformed himself to us and try on everything in this world.

The true purpose of our life

After truly and deeply know the thoughts and feelings of GOD, then we know what to do.

We may feel our life in this earth is so boring. But, if we died and go back to the heaven, with the unconditional love of GOD, so happy and relax, but what next?

If we can go to the heaven, what will we do?

Maybe you'll say : Go find and meet some one I love by passed away !

But I'll say: Good, and what next?

We have a lot of things want to do, they after we tried on all of them, what we can do next?

Maybe, when our soul was in heaven before we born, it have done everything he can think of in the heaven, and there are something that only can be done in the earth, therefore our soul chose to born.

Maybe, the heaven is boring to our soul.

Back to our Earth

With this kind of thoughts, think about it. Everything in this world maybe so boring to us, or even unacceptable to us. But, maybe, in the heaven it is much more boring!

In this world, if we don't like a people, we can go away. But in the Heaven, where else can we go?
When we face something that is unacceptable, we still get something positive, e.g. Honor, feelings, experiences, or some stories to tell / gossip with each others, whereas in the Heave, everyone know what you are thinking, who will listen to your complains?

Maybe, this world is a better place than Heaven!

Remember this thoughts, you will get better on living your life, both spiritually and physically!


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
30th Mar 2014 (#)

Deep thinking for a 27 year old, Elsy. Everyone thinks about the meaning of life and we also have had great philosophers and also scientists, like Einstein, to share their thoughts. We are no closer to finding the real meaning of life. My belief is God is with us and we are part of him. We know what to do as also other species that have to coexist to survive. Go by conscience and be a co-creator and that will give us peace and help also in the hereafter - siva

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author avatar Retired
5th Apr 2014 (#)

There are some deep thoughts in this article. I believe that we do have a purpose in this life it may not always be something that brings much excitement to our lives however. One must find that something that we enjoy and do it with relish in order for there to be excitement in our lives.

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