How to gain weight properly by building muscle and burning fat.

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This article is for anyone who wants to gain weight properly by turning fat into solid muscle.

Why should I gain weight? How to build more solid muscle while losing inches.

Many people on the diet roller coaster these days only focus on losing weight. Well, that is only one aspect of an overall healthy diet and exercise plan. Why are we so obsessed with losing pounds? Many people focus on the losing a couple of pounds in a quick diet scheme however, it actually may not be that healthy for our bodies afterall. I propose gaining weight, yes, putting more pounds on the scale at the end of a two or three week period. Why, that is crazy some may think, but lets look at some of the benefits to weight gain. I am an average Joe with an average body. I want to get buff for the same reason as everybody else. Looking good, right, adding 10 pounds to an average frame of a man is actually what a lot of the opposite sex is looking for. Upper body tone combined with a solid core will give a sculpted and healthy appearance. Some of the things you should remember when bulking up: First, If you are not going to continue a steady exercise routine like 2 or 3 times a week in the gym, you will turn all that bulk right back into fat. So, stay on top of your scheduled workouts, do not skip days, even on busy days you should still do something, like running or floor excercises. Second, eat more, but only more vegatables and fruits. This will maintain your body at a higher energy level while burning off those flabby loose handle bars and beer belly. Third, Eat more often, but less each meal should be a little more than a snack. Never filling you up too full but, at least 4 or 6 meals a day. Peanut butter and banana sandwich is a good example of a light meal. Oats are very important. Drink papaya and watermelon smoothies, also strawberries and mangos are loading with healthy fiber. Stop eating greasy foods such as pork and fried chicken. These foods only slow down your metabolism. Noodles and spaghettis are another way to suppliment your body with carbs that are needed to maintain a higher function of your system.
The right steps to take in the gym should go as follows. When you get to the gym go straight for any stairmaster or stationary bike, treadmills can be bad for the knees over an extend priod of time. Make sure you get a good sweat going on a harder level for at least 7 minutes. All stretching should be done before this warm up. Remember your muscles are like a cold frozen steak in the freezer, so make sure when you pull them out, you thaw them carefully.
Next step on to the squat rack. It is advised to have a partner or trainer assist in this exercise. If you weigh around 200 pounds you should be able to do at least that, but start with minimum weight to get a good form down. Always bend at the hips and knees never the back, this can cause injury. Make sure you do 4 sets of ten reps of a weight that will push you. For example the last set should be really hard and the spotter should give a little help. Your legs and hips are the largest muscles in your body so this is essential for weigh gain. Next, power clings, this exercise is done with less weight but, a good form is needed to produce results. A large bench bar with 35 pounds or less on each side. Lift with your knees bent not with you back on the first pick up. Let your legs do the lifting. When popping the bar up from the waist to the chest all the bounce should be coming from the legs, this is not an arm exercise. Breathing is important, counting or grunting after the bar is raised is needed to maintain a good pace. Do the same 4 sets of ten reps. Resting between sets a minute or two is recommended. Next, is power crunches or old fashioned sit ups with a heavy weight in your arms. Take the largest disc or weight you can find. This sit up is best if using an incline bench to maximize range or movement. Take the disc crossing both arms hugging it to you chest. Again 4 sets but 15 reps. Do as many as possible, this will increase core muscle value. Lastly lunges, take hand barbells 10 or 15 pounders. Walking slowly doing a perfect lunge, basically touching one knee to the ground, back straight. Remember never let your foot go under your knee, always keep your knees at a perfect right angle. These should be paced for the length of about 50 yards. Do 50 yards rest turn around and do 50 more. A total of 8 sets. These tips on food and exercise should help the average Joe increase muscle mass, while losing unwanted inches. If you really want to be healthy try gaining weight, not wasting your time with weight loss gimmicks.


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