How to get rid of restlessness and tension in five steps

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Every day with our routine mundane activities we are getting restlessness and tension which eventually makes us free of tension and get peace of mind.

How to relieve restlessness and tension

What time to practice - Before going to sleep

How long you practise - 30 minutes

How to practise

Step 1 : Mouth Breathing

In the middle of the room, have the chair and sit in the chair resting your head at back of it. If you like, put a pillow for the support of the head. Just relax your lower jaw and open your mouth freely. Just start breathing from your mouth. Do not breathe from from your nostrils. Just breathe naturally and freely. Do not try to breathe artificially or pressurisingly. At first your breathing is not in a balanced manner but by and by you can habituated with it. Then your your breathing is normal and with balanced way.

Step 2 : Leg Loosener

It is the second stage and an important one. Then just feel that your legs becoming loose, as if they are being taken away from you . Feel as your joints are being taken away from you. Just feel there is only you have your upper body but not the lower body, Just feel that you do not have any legs and you feel you have lost them at all.

Step 3 : Practising with your hands

Now it is the third stage. Then start with your hands. Think that both of your hangs becoming loose and being taken away from your body. You can hear the clicking sounds of your hand joints. You feel you will lose your hands in a little time. Then just feel that you do not have your legs and your hands. Now you have only your body without legs and hands. with your torso.

Step 4 : Be- Heading

Now it is the third stage. You have felt that you have lost your legs and hands. Now start with your head. Then now, just feel that your head is being taken away from your body. Just try to make it loose. then slowly twist your head round and you will feel that your head is taken away. Now you lost also your head.

Step 5 : Totally with your body

Now it is the final stage. Now you are with only your body. Now feel relax with only your body and you have no tension because you have no head. Now relax and being taken away your all restlessness and tension.


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