How to get rid off your wrinkles and save money on skin care

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Wrinkles is a problem for women and men. We spend a fortune on anti wrinkle treatments, but do we actually need to. Learn more about natural skin care, and remedies
which can help you stay wrinkle free and reduce your wrinkles. Find out how you can save money on skin care.

How to reduce wrinkles

We all hate our wrinkles, but they do come with age and sometimes we neglect to look after our skin. On other occasions we simply cannot afford to buy all the lotions and potions which are available. Most product are very expensive, and most of us need to spend £40 on food shopping rather than on an over priced skin care product.

There are in fact many ways you can still look after your skin but spend less.

Top tips on how to spend less on skin care.

Lots of expensive skin care products are actually very artificial. They may contain parabens which are petrochemical products, and parabens can actually cause a lot of damage. A good idea is to look around for alternatives. One of the base products is actually baby skin care. Baby skin care do not contain a lot of artificial products, and they are also very cost effective.
Some of the products from Johnson's range make excellent base moisturizer.
The most expensive skin treatments, and creams, have a herbal or a plant as the active ingredient. A good example of an active ingredient would be essential oil of Lotus which is now part of most top brands' skin care ranges.
In fact, you can make your own lotus skin care range.

Tip One

Buy some base moisturizer, good quality glass jar and some Lotus essential oil.
Your entire investment will probably cost you less than £10.
All you need to do is to fill your glass jar ( the glass jar should not be too large about 50 ml is perfect) with moisturizer and add 15 drops of Lotus essential oil.
Mix it all together, and you have your own Lotus skin care treatment. Lotus is a very gentle essential oil so it can be safe to use as an under eye treatment to prevent, and treat, dark circles around the eyes.

Tip Two

Are you concerned about wrinkles on your neck, and skin elasticity? Of course, you are
but you can treat this problem yourself. It is very simple - follow the above advice but replace the Lotus essential oil with Frankincense, and mix.

Tip three

If you are worried about smelly feet ( I am), there is a great alternative to products you pay a small fortune for. In a larger jar (100 ml) mix together Nivea basic, and add 20 drops of Orange Blossom Essential oil. It is absolutely amazing, and the entire product will probably cost you less than £8.

A quick explanation

There is a good reason behind the small containers. If you blend smaller quantities the fresher the product will stay, and the more effective.
After you have blended your first batch, you will still have plenty of essential oils left,
and base product. You can store your base product in the fridge, but you need to store
your essential in a dark cupboard. If you place your essential oils in the fridge their molecular chains will be damaged. They need to be stored at room temperature, neither too hot or cold.

Try to finding your owns blends by mixing different oils, if you like the smell of a certain oil find out what skin care benefits it has, and how it can improve your skin quality.


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