How to handle Failures

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How failures & misfortune strike and impact us at the level of our belief

Failure & Misfortunes

Misfortune, failures
All of us have been hit by failures, rejections and refusals in our life at one point of time or the other. The whole motivation industry would not be thriving as it is if it were not for the failures & frustration that we all experience. At the outset I must say that it’s Ok to fail as long as one is improving and learning from the failures. It’s perfectly Ok to keep trying and trying without getting desired results initially but only when the determination, willingness and the grit are increasing. Let it be re instated that despite this valor the results might not come and failure might strike heavily. But the knowledge the wisdom that one gains after rubbing oneself around these failures will be of relevance and usage some years down the lane and life will show how the unique experience fits itself into the entire canvas.
It’s the circle of misfortune that needs to be clearly understood. It’s the circle of failures, disappointments and frustration that needs to be dissected ad understood.
It’s very nearly understood by all of us what is right and what is wrong! It is safe to presume that we all have knowledge of what is good conduct and what is bad, what is virtuous and what is not. It’s not our knowledge but our belief system which interacts with the external environment. Our beliefs form the filters through which we feel and see the world outside.
A deep hurt, a pain, injury, mistrust, a disease, a failure, some frustration which hits our emotional network deeply make us question the existing belief system. These instances make us wonder whether the understanding of the world and its workings around us was correct so far or not. Many a minds are stuck in trying to find the cause behind the pain or the injury. Caution: This might lead to the downward spiral of depression. We begin speculating whether the life ahead will require modification in our beliefs, will it require us to change, will it require us to be harsher, stricter with ourselves & others or become cold indifferent about things around. We shift ourselves day by day switching from the old belief systems to accommodate a new understanding of the world around us.
It’s our belief system which undergoes severe testing, when calamities strike. Becoming negative, shedding away established goodness, rejecting virtues, choosing harshness, reacting negatively, giving up etc kick off a web which only gravitates towards misfortunes. With every ounce of negativity increased in our beliefs, the capacity to bear pain and problems decreases internally. Gradually, even small external attacks become too big to handle and the dance of negative emotions becomes uncontrollable. The new belief system which sprouted as a response to external calamities gets clouded and is gradually superseded by a new set of filters. The questions to ask with these changes are, whether these filters will prevent or reduce the pain? Whether these filters will stop any new pain from coming? Whether armed with this new belief system, you yourself are becoming the one causing pain to others? If answer to anyone of them is a non satisfactory reply, then probably the new filters are not as effective.
Our belief systems keep getting updated by our daily experiences also. Keeping them aligned to virtuosity is our responsibility. In dire times, we will find it challenging to keep ourselves insulated from negativity. What to do then? One thinks it’s best to form a reference, an impregnable source of virtue which you will refer to so that you are able to restore yourself, finding peace and security. God or whatever you will call this source, helps you in facing the circumstances better. It is the guiding force which helps being calm and quiet during turbulent times. Its essentially your deeper belief in the evenness of the universe which allows you to bear the pain when adversities strike. Its ones innate & latent wisdom that nothing in the world is unbalanced. And what seems as a spike in pain and trauma is fallout of the matrix of evenness.
May the force be with you !


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Thanks Mate!

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Good thoughts - sure to motivate. Handling failures is always a tough task. But it isn't impossible.

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