How to handle a mentally ill family member

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Do you know how to handle an out of control mentally ill family member? There are a few things that you can do to make the situation better.

What you can do

Dealing with mentally ill family member is one of the most difficult things to
do in a person's life. You become entangled with all of their problems.
They're more demanding than anything else. Sometimes, you have to be at home
to watch after them or even hire someone to watch them or else there will be
serious problems. You have heard of a lot of disasters in the news done by
mentally ill people like going on a rampage at the mall.

It's very sad for me but every day that I read the news, I would hear of some rampage somewhere in some state or country and it's the result of a mentally ill person. Usually someone who has problems controlling themselves. Like that Colorado theater rampage, he was mentally ill. He even told his doctor that he was going to do what he did and no one try to stop him.

If your family seem like they're ill but haven't been to the doctor to get a diagnosis, then you should bring them to a doctor. Once they're legally found to be mentally ill, you can apply for state benefits for them like SSI, so they don't have to go out and work. If they are ill, it's better that they don't work, cause they will cause more damages working then not working. They can be harmful to others and themselves if they're not thinking straight or have severe mental problems.

Some more tips

Mentally ill people should have some supervision from their family. If you don't
they might do something that you will regret. Do you remember Virginia Tech rampage
at the school? He was mentally ill but his family wasn't very careful with him and they
allow him to be a part of the community but he ended up harming so many people. He should not have been in normal public school. He should have been home schooling or private school or for the special needs people. He couldn't be with normal people. He couldn't take the pressure that normal kids can.

Often you would see on the news, some mentally ill person going on a rampage. It's sad but there should be supervision on those people. When they're mentally ill, they should not have access to money so they can purchase weapons. They should not be allowed on their own without supervision. If you don't allow them money or a car, they can't go far from home. If your family member is mentally ill, you should provide them with some supervision, and if they're far beyond your
control then you should put them in a nursing home where professional care is there to help them.

It takes a professional to deal with the mentally ill. You need a professional to help them. Normal people without any training might have a hard time putting them under control. You might not know how to communicate with them or get them to cooperate. You might want to get professionals involve like ordering for some social service to come to your house to work with them.

One of the most important thing when caring for the mentally ill is to get them to take their medication, they will feel better while on their meds. It's also very important to get them some supervision at all time so they don't do things that harm themselves or others. They should not have access to a lot of money or weapons in the house. You should lock up all weapons or sharp objects when you
are not home. They should not have friends who can influence them to do bad things. Since they can't make good judgements, they should be free from friends that are not trustworthy. If you can't seem to handle
them then put them in a nursing home.


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