How to heal the the upper back pain by prayer?

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Almost 80 % of the world suffer from back pain problems. Actually you can be healed by prayer instantly or will experience great improvement if You allow some Spirit-filled Christian to pray for you. This article will focus on upper back pain. Keep on reading and you will find out how it works.

Upper back pain can be easy to get healed

It is easy to heal the upper back pain by prayer

if you are Spirit-filled Christian. However, if you are still not a Spirit-filled

Christian, you should consider to be filled by the Holy Spirit before you can

experience the power of the holy Spirit in a powerful way. Being an Evangelical

Christian for more than 15 years, I was shocked by how the Holy Spirit could do

in my life. First of all, He has transformed my worship and prayer life even since then.

When I was first being filled by the Holy Spirit, I just love to pray and worship like never

before. That's why I have learned all kinds of prayer after that. The following prayer is

one of the prayer I have learned online and I have experienced how it really works for

many people after I started to pray for others. It is simple and very practical. it is a

prayer on how to heal the upper back pain. You can pray for others and also apply it to

yourself as well. the procedures and prayer are as following:

Healing prayer steps

1. Get the person who has upper back pain to stand straight.

2. Lay your hand on the base of the skull (just behind the neck will be alright) of

the person.

3.Then pray : In Jesus name,I command the base of the skull to line up with

every vertebrate on his/her back.

4. I curse the pain to be gone in Jesus name.

5. I command the muscle from the neck all along his/her upper back to his/her upper

chest to be relax in Jesus name.

6. The last step which is the most important and amazing step :

Have the person to extend both arms to straight forward but leave about an inch

from between to measure her arm to see which one is shorter. Then command the

shorter arm to grow in Jesus name and be even with the other arm in length.

7. Ask the person to say "thank you Jesus" before he/she will check her back to see

the pain is really gone. That's it!

Notes and Special Condition

Condition 1. If the person doesn't have any arm which is shorter than the other

one, then you don't need to do the last step. That means you don't need

to command any arm to grow since there is nothing to be grow about. Just

pray the first three steps and have the person to thank Jesus before the

checking of the back done.

Condition 2. Sometimes the arm will grow back and forth for adjustment for a short

while. Just let God's angels to minister to that person until it eventually get

even with the other arm. (usually it will take one minute or two and you

just comfort the person by saying that's God's work on you, just relax and

let it finish. no need to be afraid or worry.

Condition 3. If the arm grow out a bit then stop, all you have to do is to command like

this saying : "you devil, get out of her life right now in Jesus name." You

need to do so just because the situation is not just a normal self-created

pain such as working to hard or inappropriate posture. Since the pain is

created by the devil , then you have to command it to be gone in Jesus

name. You will probably see the arm comes up at once after that.

Condition 4. If the pain is not gone all at once, you can pray it one or two more times

since some people don't get instant healing just by praying once. It is

perfectly alright to pray for a person a few more times before a healing

occurs. Even Jesus pray for a blind person twice in one of His healing



Enjoy the following link and see it for yourself. This person may pray it

differently, but it still works. There is always more than one way to pray for

healing in God's kingdom. As the Holy Spirit moves, miracles will happen. We

should never limit God's way in healing . Praise God for His mercy and healing

grace at all times.


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