How to make a potato omelet the right way

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Making a potato omelet is one of these easy things that require practice to get it right. These hints may help you out.

How to make a potato omelet the right way

A potato and egg omelet is one of these foods that are always handy and tasty foods to have at any given time. They can make a filling meal for supper with some salad. It can fill a bread roll to take to work or to college and, needless to say, it's one of the must take items in a picnic together with breaded beef or pork fillets and salad.
There're always be few potatoes, white onion and eggs in the pantry so as to be able to make one of those omlets. It's easy enough to make it, but as with many easy things, it requires some practice to get it right or one to excel.
For a traditional one, one will need potatoes, eggs, white onion, two average cloves of garlic, salt and olive oil (if possible} for frying.
Best potatoes to use will be the white ones where as the red ones will be crispy and this isn't what we want. We want the potatoes cooked, but not golden and crispy fried.
For and average omelet for say four people, we'll need two big potatoes or four average ones, two eggs, half an onion and two cloves of garlic.
We'll peel the potatoes and we'll slice them finely. Then, we'll peel the onion and we'll also slice it finely. We'll pour abundant oil in a deep frying pan and we'll bring to fire to get hot. When the oil is hot enough, we'll add the sliced potatoes and onion, stirring all together to let it cook on a low fire, because they have to cook slowly till the potatoes are tender. Do never add the potatoes if the oil is still cold or just warm as the they'll get oily. While the potatoes and onion are frying, we'll add up the garlic chopped, a pinch of salt and freshly grown black pepper.
We'll beat the two eggs on which we'll add up the fried potatoes and onion, mixing well. Afterwards, it comes the moment of truth when it comes to show one's skill to make a good potato omelet. We'll remove the oil, leaving the pan slightly oiled to then add up the mixture. In seconds, we'll see how the egg cooks and it'll tell us that we've to turn it over on the other side.
A skilled chef will be able to turn it by making it to jump into the air to get it back on the pan and on the other side without landing on the floor, but if it isn't one's case, one will turn it over on the other side, placing a big plate or lid with a handle on top of the pan. Press the plate or lid hard, hold the handle of the pan and try to turn the omelet over on the plate or lid. Then, bring it back into the pan on the other side to be cooked for few minutes.

It shouldn't have too much potato nor too much egg. With practice, one will learn the right quantities for an average one. The potatoes have to be well fried, but not crispy or way too soft.
One may add up sliced green bell pepper to fry it with the potatoes and the onion for tastier flavour, or, one can replace the potatoes for aubergines or courgettes instead.
This can be a nutritious meal to fit on everyone's pocket, because one has to be very broke to not have few potatoes and eggs in the pantry, but, above all, it's something that everyone will welcome on the table for a tasty bite.

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