How to prevent pimples

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A article pointing out a few useful tips on how to prevent pimples.


Pimples are a horrible thing for anyone to suffer and the advice on how to prevent pimples is often searched through Google. Whether you are a awkward teenager suffering with heavy acne or a thirty-something adult who still suffers with embarrassing back or facial acne the effect is the same - depression and lack of confidence. So how to prevent pimples in an effective way, this article will give you a few pointers.

Tip 1

First of tip on how to prevent pimples is to make sure you carry out proper skin care on a daily basis. You have to wash or clean your face in the right manner. If you wash your face and end up irritating your skin then the infection that is already on your face is going to become much, much worse. Don't wash your face to many times in a daily period - once in the morning and once at night is plenty really. On top of this do not scrub dry your face with a towel as this to can irritate already infected skin - dry your face lightly with a clean, dry towel.

Tip 2

Second tip on how to prevent pimples - try your best to control bacteria. Don't get mixed up with the idea that pimples are caused by bacteria on your skin because pimples are caused by hormones. When you have little pimples inside the skin they can become infected and this in turn is when they grow into large angry red spots. To control this bacteria it is a good idea to use creams which contain something called 'benzoyl peroxide'. When using this these type of creams beware of using them on clear parts of your skin because in some cases it can be an irritant to individuals skin.

Tip 3

Third tip on how to prevent pimples is to watch your stress levels ( seriously, stress can be directly linked to acne ). You would be surprised on how many people tend to get acne outbreaks when in the middle of a relationship break-up or before some really important exams. Stress effects your hormones and as we mentioned earlier hormones directly effect your acne outbreaks. It's easy to say but try your best to lead a relaxed, calm life ( easier said than done - I know! ).

I hope you have found this handful of tips on how to prevent pimples informative and useful, good luck with clearing up your complexion.

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