How to reduce minor pain from home

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Learn how to reduce headaches, toothache, aches from home

Reduce your pain from home

We run into minor pains all the time. I know I do. I had knee pains then toothaches then headaches then stomach aches. You can reduce your pain at home with little cost.
Imagine if you have to pay $400 to treat your pain every time you have it, you would be broke. You don't need the doctor or the dentist for everything, not if you can help it at home. However, you should seek their help if you have a serious problem. Most minor pain can be alleviate from home with otc meds, hot and cold therapy, massages, rest and good nutrition.

Over the counter meds

Aspirin, tylenol, ibuprofen are over the counter medications that are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory meds that can be use to temporary reduce minor pain.
Before you get a chance to get to the ER room or to your doctor, you can use over the counter Nsaids to reduce your pain and inflammation. These are very low cost and effective. I used them often and they reduce my pain very well.

Cold and hot therapy

Often cold and hot therapy are very effective at reducing pain such as eyes, tooth ache, knee pain, bruises and many more. I have used a cold pack for toothaches and it works very well at numbing my face and reduces my pain significantly right away. Your pain will lower after one minute of applying a cold pack to the affected area
. Cold packs work to reduce pain because the cold reduce inflammation and swelling and majors work at the affected site like nerves involvement therefore reducing your pain. It will cost a lot if you have to go to the dentist every time you have minor pain or to the ER room, but you can reduce it immediately with a cold pack. You can take some ice and put it in a thin plastic bag and then place it directly over
the affected part and keep it there, while also massaging the affected area. It will help the pain significantly. Hot and cold therapy should not be used if you have a large wound that is bleeding or swelling or tearing as it will cause more infections and more problems. This type of therapy
is idea on closed wound areas.


Massaging the affected area will help relieve pain significantly, like deep pressure massage. When you massage, you allow the tissue to move freely, blood vessels to move freely, inflammation to thin out, and thus allowing the tissue to work close to normal and thus reducing pain and buildup of inflammation.
You can use your hands, or an instrument to massage the affected are. You can also go and get a massage or ask someone to do it for you. I have massaged affected areas myself and it works very well to reduce my inflammation.

Deep breathing

Deep breathing also help to reduce pain. Breathing in fresh oxygen will help to supply cells with nutrition and therefore improving the affected site.


Stretching the affected part will help it reduce pain because the swelling and inflammation would reduce if you give it a stretch. You would give it some room to breath and improve circulation around that part and it will heal faster.
It's always a good idea to stretch before and afterward so you don't get injured from sports or work that is heavy duty.

Reduced usages of the affected part

If you're hurting at a certain site, it's best not to use it again. If you're hurting from sports then don't play that sports for like a week and your pain will heal. You could
be over using that part of the body. Your cells need rest too. If you got an injury from work, then it's best to stop the over working for like a week and wait until your pain heals.


Rest will help you reduce pain because it will give your body a chance to recover and the cells will receive some nutrition and rest while it heals. Rest is always a great option after you have been hurt while working or playing sports.


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