How to smoke healthier

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How to smoke healthier? Or how to take care of your health while smoking? I know it seems a paradox, "healthy smoking" seems impossible, right? It is obvious that cigarettes and tobacco harms your health but nevertheless, it is possible to diminish the negative effects if we take into account certain things.

How to smoke healthier

To smoke healthier, please consider applying the following advices:

1. Quit smoking a cigarette with coffee. I know that most of you are used to drink their early morning coffee and smoke a cigarette. After all, that’s how we, smokers, start the day, isn’t it? Well, that is a bad combination.

What you can do is to try to smoke a cigarette a few hours later after drinking coffee. Same with smoking cigarettes at night! You will wake up refreshed and full of life if you don’t smoke at late hours.

2. Drink plenty of fluids, especially tea, or fruit … because they contain antioxidants, which eliminates the somewhat negative effects of smoking. And half hour sports / jogging doesn’t hurt for your health.

3. Do not pull too much of smoke, and do not light too many cigarettes one after another! Let your lungs take a break! The more you smoke cigarettes, the more you decrease your appetite, and you will get sick eventually. Don’t skip your meals.
4. Buy filters. You can find them at gas stations, shopping centers – they block some of the harmful toxins for the body. I for one tried some transparent filters (only 3 $/piece) from gas stations and it works.

5. Switch to electronic cigarette! Although it is quite controversial because there are not many studies note that these cigarettes can help smokers be healthy because in the fluid is vaporized nicotine without the other 4000 harmful substances, and although the taste is not the same, I guarantee that if you use e-cigarette you will be as if you smoked a normal cigarette. Here are some examples of the best prices: cigarette eHealth, set CE4-45D Ego, ego cigarette, ego KS-90D can be found in various colors, plus shipping is free.

This advices doesn’t encourage you to continue smoking, but unitl you manage to quit smoking, at least you can do is to keep your health intact, as much as possible.

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