How to take Care of your Kidneys

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The two Kidneys are part of the urinary system, the endocrine system and are two of the most important internal organs in the body.

Caring for Kidneys

The two Kidneys are part of the urinary system, the endocrine system and are two of the most important internal organs in the body. They are responsible for filtering the blood, regulating the urinary system and producing hormones. Kidneys work extra hard to ensure our continued well-being. Every day, twenty percent of the blood pumped by the heart passes through our kidneys for cleansing purposes. Each of these kidneys is composed of about a million tinier units called “nephrons”. Inside these nephrons, a tiny blood vessel (“glomerulus”) is intertwined with a tiny urine-collecting tube (tubule). As blood passes through these nephrons, a complex interaction occurs between the glomerulus and the tubule which results in the elimination of wastes in the blood. These waste materials then enter the urinary tract and end up being excreted in the urine. Besides this, the kidneys also perform the following functions:
* Regulation of the composition of the blood.
* Maintenance of the ideal concentrations of vital substances and ions in the blood.
* Sustaining the proper volume of water in the body.
* Eliminating toxic wastes from the body.
* Maintaining the acid-base concentration of the blood.
* Normalizing blood pressure.
* Promoting the production of red blood cells.
* Maintaining the ideal sodium, potassium, calcium level in the body.

To avoid developing kidney troubles, it is therefore necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One may start by considering the following tips:
-Maintain a healthy blood pressure.
-Limit intake of foods which dramatically increase the blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Maintain alkaline pH of blood.
-Have sufficient quantity of water to prevent dehydration.
- Avoid adding too much salt to the diet.
-Minimize stress.
-Have a regular exercise routine.
-Limit medications to those prescribed by your family physician.

Kidney Detoxification program:
Kidney detoxification program includes Water fasting which involves taking in large quantities of water for a specified period of time without food. Juicing (or juice fasting) is also an excellent way to cleanse and detoxify the kidneys. It is less severe than water fasting since it provides the body with the nutrients, minerals, enzymes and energy needed to support the various metabolic processes during the fast. Herbal detoxification plan for kidneys involves use of kidney beneficial herbs like punarnava, gokshura, uva ursi (bearberry), ginger root, fresh parsley, wheatgrass powder, varun, dandelion root, burdock root, rakt chandan, palaash, kaasni, etc. During this entire detoxification program, it is very important to maintain an alkaline pH of our entire body system.

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