How to take a kid to Dentist?

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Symptoms,causes and Prevention of kids dental problems.

Kids Dental Care.

‘Child is gift of God’. Proper nourishment and care is important for growing child. Good oral care starts from the beginning of your child's life. Children are habituated of eating chocolates and candies; as a result tooth decay is a common problem in early age. Food trap and plaque are main cause of toothy decay. None of child wants to visit doctor, may be because of early experience of getting pricked by injection. Sometimes parents force sour tablets to be swallowed by their child. Thus to take a child to doctor is a task for parents. More over if it is dentist the case is somewhat peculiar.

Two steps to take your Child to Dentist:
1) Do not disclose your child that you are taking him/her to any dentist, just be casual and pretend as if you are going to meet some friend. (This is better if occasionally you want to take your child for checkup, thus you can avoid hue and cry, as some children start crying if they are told earlier.)
2) Tell your child that it is important to check up the teeth; we can explain the importance of teeth as they are useful in chewing the food, chocolates and candies. Psychologically prepare him/her. The two cases can be come into picture if it is a routine test. By scheduling regular checkups, early stage tooth diseases can be treated before it leads to a much more serious condition.

If your child suffers from any serious pain, then the approach is different.
First, find out the type of problem as well as the seriousness of the problem.
Notice for the symptoms:
1) Gums, puffy or swollen, or tender.
2) Gums are bleeding during brushing or flossing.
3) Teeth are looking longer because gums have receded.
4) Gums that have separated, or pulled away the teeth, creating a pocket.
5) Changes in the way teeth fit together when the child bite.
6) Pus coming from between teeth and gums.
7) Constant bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth.

If any of these symptoms is found then it is mandatory to take your child to dentist. The common diseases are Gingivitis, Gum disease, Periodontitis, Baby bottle decay, obviously will be diagnosed by the dentist.
1) If there is serious pain, give a pain killer before taking your child to doctor.
2) Let your child brush the teeth (Use a small, soft-bristled brush), as it may help the dentist to diagnose the problem easily.
3) Let your child take, teddy bear, doll, or favorite toy.
4) Quietly sing or play restful music or poem learnt in the school.
5) Read or tell your child a story.
6) Give your child a back rub to help him or her to relax.
7) Purchase few Ice creams, and soft drinks (or any other eating item liked by your child) and promise your child that it will be hand over to him/her if the problem gets solved.
Thus mentally prepare the child that if he cooperates then he will have his heart favorite thing to eat. Anyhow, most of the doctors advise Ice cream and cold drinks after minor tooth operation.
Your child's healthy teeth and brilliant smile depend on you!


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