How to treat poor circulation in the feet

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Poor circulation in the feet is very common. It is an uncomfortable condition but there are some simple home remedies available which can help. Find out more about natural foot care, and how is it is to use at home.

Natural remedies for foot care at home

The first sign of poor circulation in the feet can be very itchy feet, or even cold feet.
The are many reasons behind poor circulation in the feet. The most common reasons
are associated with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney problems or not getting enough exercise.

Foot creams, and lotions, are popular treatments for foot problems but there are also some natural remedies that work really well.

Rosemary has long been associated with health, and scientists are now certain that the herb rosemary can help to improve circulation. It has been used to treat scalp conditions such as dandruff but it also make an excellent foot care treatment.
It is very easy to use, and if you have rosemary growing in your garden you have your
own natural remedy outside the front door.
Simply pick some sprigs of your rosemary, and crush them in a plastic bag using a rolling pin. This releases all of the essential oils in the rosemary.

If you have a foot spa you can add the crushed leaves to the water in the foot spa, but a large bowl filled with warm water works just as well. Simply add your rosemary, and let
it soak in the water for about 5 minutes. Pop your feet in, and enjoy a nice relaxing foot soak.
Afterwards your feet will feel much better, and you may even experience a slight tingling

Horse chestnut is another excellent treatment for poor circulation. Capsules are available in many well stocked health food stores, but there is now also an excellent gel
on the market with extract of horse chestnut. The gel also works really well on tired legs, and great for dry skin on the legs.

Peppermint is an alternative to the first two. There are many different manufacturers of foot care lotions based on peppermint, but an alternative to buying a lotion is to buy peppermint tea. Boil up about one liter of hot water, and simply put five tea bags into the water. After the water has cooled down to a comfortable temperature you can add it to your foot spa, and just let your feet soak. Don't worry about taking the tea bags out.
Let them release as much goodness as possible.

Improving your circulation in your feet does not have to complicated, or difficult. Neither does it have to be expensive.


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