Hulda Clark Zapper by ParaZapper Kills Microbes - Study Shows.

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Much as been said about zappers, how they work and the mechanisms behind their working. This articles highlights a study on zappers by Dr. Robert Thiel on a group of persons who used the Hulda Clark Zapper by ParaZapper.

Does Hulda Clark Zapper by ParaZapper Kills Microbes?

Hulda Clark Zappers have proven to be very effective in killing microbes such as protozoa and bacteria. This is similar among the equipment that have incorporated technology to improve people's immune system and general health. Zappers can be used to kill microbes in water. Zappers can also be used to kill microbes in your body system, when it works as it does in water, and this will reduce their negative effects that they would have caused to your body system. Though these devices have not been approved for use in human body by the FDA.

Zappers were first introduced by Dr. Hulda almost 20 years ago, her book known as "The Cure for All Diseases". Following several improvements that have been done on Zappers, the equipment has been designed specifically for killing microns and theoretically, parasites in the body. It kills these microbes by releasing electric current that penetrates through the skin and this does not have any negative impact on the functioning of the body.

When you here someone talking about zappers, one may wonders what are they and whether do they really work? Zappers are electronic devices designed with different frequencies and in different ranges. They are mainly aimed at meeting the varied treatment needs for different microbes. Thus your specific needs will determine the type of Zapper to purchase so as to achieve high quality services.

If you have never used zappers but interested in using them, then I am sure that you will find the operation manual in the manufacturer's website or sometimes in the package box of your shipped device. You cab also buy a separate manual, that can be shipped separately which contains all relevant information about the specifications, functionalities and efficiencies of all types of Zapper. The manual makes zapping even easier, safer, more effective, and more comfortable.

Several studies have also been carried out to determine the effectiveness of ParaZapper and the study which was carried out by Dr. Robert Thiel on a group of persons who used the Hulda Clark Zapper by ParaZapper indicated that the "total with any improvement was 97.9% among which 48.2% reported substantial symptomatic improvement in the Hulda Clark Zapper group". In comparison with a group of people who did not use a Hulda Clark Zapper, "total with any improvement was 61.3% and only 12.9% reported significant improvement". From this study it is rather clear that Hulda Clark Zapper has a significant effect in the test group. Ever since these results were released, there has been no single study to counter these so far. Basically the most probable reason for this is that the it kills many parasites in a natural way and ParaZapper made some improvements to the original device.


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