Hunger Scale in Seven Stages

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Hunger is an instinct. It is a powerful instinct that it can catapult man to any action of rage to satiate his hunger. It is a nature’s physical cue to get energy for survival. But sometimes it can make you eat more than what you need and create problems.

Hunger Scale in Seven Stages

Manimekalai, a Tamil epic written 2000 years ago, describes the cruelty of hunger. It says hunger makes a man to throw away anything to fill up his stomach- his honor, prestige, character, knowledge, or any trait that is good in him! Though we know where our next meal comes from, our reaction to hunger has not yet evolved.

Hunger has different stages

Have you ever felt the various stages of hunger scale? Learning to recognize the physical cues that signal a true need for nourishment can help you to rein hunger.
If you listen to the signals of your body, you can feed it with the right amount in right time. You can feel an early thirst usually feels like hunger. Most of the times, emotional needs may trigger your feeling of hunger. A recently empty stomach feels another type of hunger. When you miss one or more meals you may feel a different type of hunger. Having your body drained of energy is yet another type of hunger. You can teach yourself to spot hunger and eat accordingly so that you will be able to control your calories and shed unwanted pounds even without ‘dieting’.

Hunger scale in seven stages

1) Starving

When you are starving, you will feel uncomfortable and empty with a kind of light-headedness or jitteriness which is caused by low blood sugar levels from lack of food. If you do not attend you may be thrown into an unconscious stage. Binge risk is very high in this stage.

2) Hungry

This is an automatic alarm telling that it is time for your next meal. If you do not eat within an hour or so, you will enter into the dangerous ‘starving’ stage. This stage starts as your body’s nutritional needs transitions from specific nutrients to just needing calorie, immediate energy. In this stage, you may feel some weakness in your muscles.

3) Moderately hungry

This is the stage when your stomach begins to ring the alarm for next meal. You may feel a growling in your stomach and you may put an end to that nagging feeling of your stomach. These first feelings of hunger you may experience when your stomach is empty or near empty. This is the appropriate time for eating.

4) False hunger

Though this stage may look like hunger, it is connected with other biological and psychological problems. There are many other conditions that can make you feel like hungry. Problems like ulcers, acid stomach, worry, loneliness, etc. may lead you to this experience. This needs medical attention.

5) Satisfied

This is the stage when you are satisfied, neither hungry nor full. You are relaxed and feel comfortable. No more nagging sensation in your stomach.

6) Full

You may be tempted to eat more than your need. You feel fullness in your belly making it bloated and your food may not be as tasty as it was when you began to eat.

7) Over-stuffed

Out of some craving you eat a lot and you may feel uncomfortable. You may even have some burning sensation due to the stomach acids creeping back into your esophagus.
As stated above, the optimum stage for eating is when you are moderately hungry or hungry. All other stages are dangerous for your health. Generally a four-hour gap between meals is good for proper digestion and health.


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