Hunger in the heart of India

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In almost any other country, the economy is growing as fast as in India. Nevertheless, millions of people there suffer from malnutrition. A visit to the desperately poor state of Madhya Pradesh shows the dramatic consequences.

Hunger of the heart

My! Lamia! “The four women call repeatedly. They stand in a semicircle around the little girl, shaking frantically at the scrawny body. However, Laxmi is not responding. It is freezing cold. How lifeless hanging down arms and legs of the child. For hours, the girl had screamed, ripped the dark eyes wide, and wrapped the body in pain. Laxmi's mother tried to calm the child. Asked repeatedly by the doctor or an ambulance.

However, an ambulance could be sent only when the attending physician had ordered it, says the head of the rehabilitation center for malnourished children, Kusum Narmbeh, who took with him Laxmi and her mother. The left aligns on the phone that he had important things to do, put in conferences. Then Laxmi suddenly stopped screaming. Shortly afterwards, a car stopped in front of the center. The women persuaded the driver to take the child and his mother to the hospital. These are eight kilometers away. The streets are also bad. The trip took more than half an hour.

"Laxmi is a particularly severe case of malnutrition," says Kusum Narmbeh. "The girl is very weak, only sleeping. The eyes can barely keep them open." Lamia and her mother come from Jamli, a little village in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is almost a year-old and housed with their mother in the nutritional rehabilitation center for 15 days.

Half of the children are malnourished

India praises economic development, is proud of its nuclear weapons and celebrates the cheapest Mars mission ever. However, no country in the world to benefit the poor as little as from economic growth in the South Asian country, the Nobel laureate economist Amartya Sen says millions of people in the subcontinent suffer hunger. A few days ago, the latest Global Hunger Index was published. India is ranked 55 out of 76 countries. Ethanethiol classifies the situation as "serious" one. The much poorer Bangladesh has now left India on several social indicators behind.

Particularly dramatic is the situation in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is the second largest state in India to me more than 75 million people. 20 percent belong to lower castes or tribes. They are called the untouchables, forming the lower end of Indian society: day laborers who hire themselves out on the fields of landowners for less than one euro per day. There they are planting mainly maize, cotton and chili. Madhya Pradesh is due to its central location it is called "the heart of India." "However, in in reality, is the hunger belt of the country," says Harshal Jariwala of the non-governmental organization in January. Nowhere else in India, the food situation is so devastating: almost half of all children under five are severely malnourished. "The situation is alarming," says Jariwala. Since 2000 he and his organization to fight against it, since three years they are supported by the German Agro Action.


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