I Had A Confusing Dream

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This story is of a past (but recent) dream I had and there are 2 more noted dreams referenced too. Id like to know your understanding of them.

I Had A Confusing Dream

Goodmorning everyone, 8am in the Philippines on a Saturday and I had a dream lastnight that was a bit odd to say the least. For starters let me explain that I rarely remember my dreams and if I do it is because its way outside the realms or reality. The other reason I may remember or have strange dreams could be due to life pressures or mental fatigue as noted in my last post "TGIF !!! OH Nevermind!"

The last time I had weird dreams that I remembered this is what happened, a day one dream with a day 2 followup dream --
(Dream Poetry)
"Thought From A Dream" (Part I)
"Thought From a Dream - Continued"

If I remember correctly this dream had chapters, I would complete an interesting part of the dream and then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzip I was in a different scene but with the same characters. The hard thing for me now is to decide : do I tell the whole dream like a story or just give summarized bullet points uhhg!

Beginning Of The Dream --

The dream starts out as my mothers Great Dane gets out of the house and she wants me to find it, okay I start a very long walk to the countryside where I am literally walking on a dirt road alongside crops and farm houses (My mom lives in Las Vegas). Surprisingly it doesn't take too long to find the dog, I get to the end of the road, make a right and along the wood fence looking like this =|=|= (my fence picture) is my moms Great Dane tied up to it while next to it are some people pitch forking some hay into the back of the truck. My first thought was great, they claimed the dog! Then I saw their faces, they were happy to see me as they could tell I recognized the dog. All is good and I set the dog loose and it runs forward into a wheat field romping around (as you know Great Danes dont run, they romp). I casually stroll after it and then notice in the sky this multi-colored swirl of oblong shape shifting light that was somewhat transparent and it is moving towards the dog coming lower from the sky and getting bigger as it approached. Quickly I run toward the dog, grab the collar and turn with it running as fast as we can. The people at the roadside were waving their arms yelling "its ok its ok!" and then whoosh me and the dog were off of our feet, floating in the air in a very off balanced kind of way but all the while feeling perfectly safe, happy even.

1. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzip next chapter --

I am sitting at a covered bus stop talking to some guy and the dog is in a shopping cart. We are looking in the distance and watching a storm forming over the downtown area of the city, like in a movie where it is in hyper speed, clouds rolling and bubbling, flashes of light in the clouds and this feeling in your stomach that some serious natural ass kicking was about to happen. As I am sitting there the wind picks up and dust starts blowing and the clouds are almost overhead so quickly I start pushing the dog in the opposite direction in the shopping cart.

2. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzip next chapter --

No weather, no clouds and I am in an apartment complex parking lot pushing the dog in the shopping cart but now there is a 4 yr old little girl sitting in the front part of it and I have no idea who it is but I seemed to be concerned about her.

3. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzip next chapter --

I remember being in a shopping center parking lot with the cart... no little girl... no dog. i walk over to a bar I see across the way, I go inside. The beginning of the entrance was like walking into a strip club, girls in bikini tops and thongs lining the sides of the entrance talking to different guys. Then once I am all the way in its a regular bar, a couple pool tables and a very small portable bar set up to get your drinks. I ask the bartender for a Budweiser and he points and a big trash can. I look inside and it is filled with ice and beer, I dig around and my brand wasn't in there. I ask him again and he points at a closet, I open the closet and yes, warm beer. I take one out, go to the trash can of ice and start jamming ice chips into the bottle.

*POOF* it all fades and my eyes open.

lol what the hell was that all about??????????????

PHOTO CREDIT : http://photopin.com/search/aurora-borealis


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author avatar jenny1015
31st Jul 2013 (#)

Your dream pretty much says how you spend your days---a whole lot of different stuff.

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author avatar Grumpybear
31st Jul 2013 (#)

Don't wonder off from your responsibilities for you are in a safe place in your life. Don't wonder off out of what you are comfortable with. You will not be happy with the results. The dog is your family, the girl is a woman who you must help in life. The future is up to you.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
31st Jul 2013 (#)

Good luck with confusing dreams, you can change them using your mind filters if you want them, it comes from practice. It happens in Mid Summer when the water is less...

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
1st Aug 2013 (#)

I'm glad I'm not the only one with strange dreams. I hope you can figure out what yours is telling you. Thanks for sharing.

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