I am Havin' a Fag

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A defense of my right to smoke. As far as I am aware smoking is still legal

I am Havin' a Fag

I am Havin’ a Fag!

In the UK, Fag is slang for cigarette.

Glad we got that cleared up.

I am getting sick of people looking down there nose at me, because I smoke. I think smokers get a rough ride. We know it is bad for our health; however the tax paid on a pack of cigs pays for any medical treatment needed due to smoking. Smokers don’t go home and beat their partners because they have smoked too many. Having a smoke does not impede drivers. I have yet to hear of binge smoking.
There is always someone who needs to be vilified by the rest. It seems perfectly acceptable to drink heavily, take recreational drugs and sleep around, yet smokers will be stood outside, having a smoke, sharing the area with the rats searching the bins and then some bastard will walks past – doing the fake cough – Jesus, I smoke 20 a day and I don’t cough like that.
Give it 5 years and Bin Laden will lose some of his terror appeal and don’t be surprised if the media start photoshopping his image so he has a half smoked cigarette in his mouth… just to get the evil back.
We all have vices, things we shouldn’t do, things we should now better about. Just accept it.


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author avatar Denise O
10th Feb 2011 (#)

I hear ya, I am a smoker and I am sick and tired of everyone saying that cig smoke causes everything that can go wrong with the body. If someone got cancer and didn't smoke then they got cancer by, second hand smoke. It is the most outrgeous thng I have ever heard. I hear now they are (In the US) thinkng of taxing so called junk food, like they do cigs. Funny thing is, fruit juice will be on the list.
You are so darn right, it is still legal. I am a smoker that thinks of those around me, if you don't like my smoke then stay the flip away.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
20th Feb 2011 (#)

ha haha, very funny, especially about the guy faking the cough. We do have binge smokers but they are called chain smokers here.
I personally gave it up almost a year ago after several attempts to quit. I simply cannot afford it any more. Plus it pissed my wife off!

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author avatar Retired
1st Aug 2011 (#)

Move to Spain my friend its far more acceptable here.

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