I am Proud of Our National Health Service.

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We in Britain have our own National Health Service, but we take it for granted, and I want to point out just how lucky we truly are.

I am Proud of Our National Health Service.

First off, I do not work for the National Health Service, I am just a patient, and when I hear stories of how they have failed someone, because mistakes have been made, and I feel sad.

These stories make the headlines because they are unusual. Journalists do not bother to report about the thousand of lives that have been saved, the advances in modern medicine which means that people with previously life threatening illnesses like cancer, are being successfully treated, and their lives prolonged. They do not tell you about the premature babies, that once had no hope of survival, are now alive and well.

What about the teams of dedicated doctors and nurses working all hours? Don’t they deserve some recognition?

My son was a very sickly child, and was rushed periodically into hospital in an emergency situation. He was not expected to live beyond 5, but thanks to the care of our local hospital, he not only survived each crisis, but at the age of 39, although suffering from mental disabilities, he is in good health.

My father spent the last few months of his life in hospital. Even though he was 93, he still got the same care and consideration as much younger patients.

It made me very angry recently, when I heard that one of our English politicians had the audacity to undermine our health service whilst in America recently. With a complete lack of loyalty like that, I wonder how he can possibly be a good ambassador for this country.

I am proud to be British, and very proud of our national Health Service, which gives free medical care to everyone. We are a caring country, and long may this continue.


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