I give me for, to forgive me - a poem by Uttik

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Forgiving oneself is often felt to be challenging, and perhaps more difficult than forgiving others. Perhaps we need the right perspective to motivate us to know that we deserve this forgiveness.

I give me for, to forgive me

Mother's form, of the purest white cloud,
Is shaping and drifting around me,
Is scenting and soaking within me,
Yet why this despondency that grips my heart?
Why these heavy feelings anchoring my spirit?

The White formed my thought thus. "My child, with haste must you forgive yourself."

But Mother, how do I do that? Have I not committed many a sin?

"Ask the sun. Has he not watched many a thirsty being die of thirst and hunger, while he continued to shine?"

"Ask the moon. Has he not playfully hid himself, while knowing predator would strike prey in that moment of darkness?"

"Ask the lioness. Did she not hunt and kill the newborn calf to feed her pride?"

"Ask the king. Did he not send many a soldier to battle, knowing he would not come back?"

"Ask the master. Did he not thrust much hard labor and trial upon his pupil?"

But Mother, each was merely acting as per his nature of that moment and place, was he not?"


Then my anchor was released.
Then my despondency was dissolved.
The White filled me more closely than before.

❤I knew.❤

If i don't give for me, I give against me.


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