I love Avocados!

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Avocados are the perfect addition to a healthy diet! They can be used in many ways and have a unique buttery taste.

How To Prepare And Eat Avocados.

To me avocados are the perfect food! I could put avocados on anything!

My absolute favorite fruit! Yes, I said fruit. It is a fruit by biological classification, but since it is used in salads and other dishes it is called a vegetable. I am so in love with this wonderful fruit. I try to incorporate them into a lot of my meals. But, even if I don't put them into my meals I can just eat one all by it's self. Yum Yum Yum!

Avocados are mostly grown in Californa and I live in California so it is a perfect match.

Avocados can be traced back to 7000 BC! and reccords show cultivation of this wonderful fruit from 6000 BC. It has always been used in dishes from Mexico and can be used in so many different ways.

Here are a few of my favorites...

Guacamole - This is a no brainer, but Avocados are used to make this fantastic tasty condiment/dip that is widely used in mexican dishes.

Slice one up to put on your sandwich.Goes especially well with Turkey on Squaw bread with tomato and cheese! Wow! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Eat one plain right out of its skin! You will notice that is has a creamy texture and has a very light flavor simular to an olive but not as strong. More like a buttery flavor. That is the best way I can describe it.

Note: I like to squeeze some lemon on it when I eat it this way.

They are also great with soups, tofu dishes, salads and seafood dishes.

There are a couple of varieties of Avocados.

The Hass avocado which is pear-shaped and grown in Central America, mostly California and Florida but is a native of Guatemala. The Hass avocado starts out green and as they ripen, the skin turns darker and darker until it is nearly black (one clue to ripeness).

The Mexican avocado varieties are the Zutano, Bacon and the Fuerte. They tend to be pair shaped, smooth in skin and green in color. These varieties have a lower fat content.

The best way to prepare an avocado is to start with a ripe avocado and cut it lengthwise around the seed. Twist the halves to separate it from the seed.

Remove the seed by sliding the tip of a spoon gently underneath it and lifting it out. The other common seed-extraction method -- striking the seed with a knife -- is dangerous and not recommended.

Peel the fruit by placing the cut side down and removing the skin with a knife or your fingers, starting at the small end. Or simply scoop out the avocado meat with a spoon.

If you've never tried an avocado, you are missing out! Try one. You might like it.
(No, I don't work for the avocado growers association) I just love them :)


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Great info about avocados!

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