I'm a thing again! Fat garbage!!!

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Some months ago, I realized I'm right there again: Fat as crap.

Why does this keep happening to me!!!

I'm a thing again! Fat garbage!!!

Well, the first thing I did was to plan my meals. That usually does the trick.

And so, it went well, and I slimmed down quite some.

But somehow, and I don't know how, what worked at first, like planned meals, soon turns into having no effect whatsoever.

But granted, I can't always stick to my planned meals when there are other people around coming for visits and so on and on.

But recenly, while I was still thinking I'm slimming down, I suddenly realized hey, I've been sort of planning my meals for a couple of months now, and yet I'm not really slimming down that much.

I study myself critically in the mirror. One day I even look at myself at sort of an angle from the back. What in god's name is that? It looks like a thing. Not a human. This big marshmallowy flesh thing. It horrifies me.

Well, it goes without saying that it dawned upon me recently that I'm again just getting fatter and fatter and fatter and fatter, even though I do sort of have an eating plan.

It's odd how life works. When I was 16, I got fat. But then I started writing, and whatwith all the writing, I forgot to eat many meals and the hunger pains would come and go and I'd forget I was hungry. Before I knew it, I was very skinny.

I stayed skinny until about 22. Then I had a vacation in a cold part of the world where I got fat. I think it happens naturally because your body wants to be fat so it can keep itself warm.

After that, I was fat for a while, but then one day I decided to do something about it. I decided I'll eat one big spoon full of food every hour.

It worked and within three days I was looking good and thin and had completely transformed my body shape.

Even though after 3 days I stopped eating a spoonful of food every hour, I stayed skinnier for months after. People said I look so much younger.

After that I was sort of fattish and skinnyish but never an extreme of either.

That is until about 2008 when I started gaining fat again. Between 2008 and 2014 it changed many times, but on average I was getting fatter slowly but surely.

By early 2014, I was a fat disgrace. So much so that I would absolutely refuse to go on a family vacation in tents at the seaside. For the love of god, the ridiculing is bad enough all the time, but to go be trapped with the family for a week so they can ridicule me all the time and drive me insane is just not going to happen, because I won't go.

So, what will I do about it?

I decided I'll just dance for 100 minutes every morning, and again 30 minutes in the evening.

I keep this up for a whole week.

I think it's helping but I must say it's going very slowly. I can see a difference in the look of my body sloooooowwwwwwwwwwly but surely.

I must say, I can definitely see that this time I won't look good after three days. That was probably the wonder of youth - you can slim down quickly. As you get older, it takes forever and lots more hard work to get just a bit of the results.

Fortunately I'm not giving up.

Right now I have an hour every morning of various exercises, and an increasing number of minutes of dancing in the evening.

So at least I feel like I haven't completely lost control yet.

But to keep your fatness under control seems to be increasingly harder work as you get older.

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