I'm pregnant: Now what?

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You and your husband may always want to make some children for building a bigger family. This morning, you come back from seeing your family doctor and get confirmed that you are pregnant! You two must feel very happy for this exciting news and meanwhile you can’t help wondering what you should do next. In fact, there are some practical advices waiting for you:

I'm pregnant: Now what?

Advice#1 Drink at least three glasses of milk each day.

Milk contains a lot of proteins and calcium which are essential to the bone formation of your fetus. During your pregnancy, you drink more milk than before, because your body has to provide enough nutrition to both of your fetus and yourself. If you don’t absorb enough calcium, it may cause problems to your health or your fetus.

Advice#2 Eat an apple each day.

According to researches, if a pregnant woman persists in eating an apple each day, her baby will have less risk of suffering allergy problems in the future.

Advice#3 Eat more and eat well.

In order to provide abundant nutrition to your fetus and yourself, you should eat more and better than before. It is normal to gain about 15kg to 20kg during your pregnancy. If necessary, you can search for some professional advices. An evaluation by nutritionist can ensure you a good supply of essential elements like iron and calcium.

Advice#4 Take a 20-minute walk after each meal.

When you go outside to stroll, you should slow down your pace. It is recommended to take a 20-minute after each meal, which can greatly help your natural labor in near future.

Advice#5 Listen to your body.

You are more than ever on the alert to subtle changes such as vaginal secretions, contractions, little abdominal painand burning during urination, swelling in face and hands, etc. When you feel there are some strange, even slight change in your body, don’t wait. Go to see your doctor immediately and seek professional opinions.

Advice#6 Meet your doctor regularly.

Your pregnancy medical exams should be done by an obstetrician or a gynecologist. The doctor can monitor the whole process of your pregnancy and the complications that may occur. Besides, they have experiences in this field. At the beginning of your pregnancy, you may visit your doctor each three weeks. Starting from 25th week, you should visit your doctor each two weeks. During the final two months, you should see your doctor each week. The doctor might prescribe a monthly ultrasound to monitor the growth of your foetus.

Advice#7 Make up your mind to do your labor in the hospital.

Instead of birth center, you should choose a hospital to do your labor, since a hospital has more facilities and professionals to deal with the contingencies. Afterward, you can relax your mind and wait for the important moment to arrive.

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author avatar Denise O
19th Jul 2011 (#)

Great advice. My key for better health while being pregnant was taking a vitamin. I had very low level sof iron, I was tired all the time. Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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