Ibuprofen Capsule Facts and Safety

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One advantage of a capsule dosage form is its fast relief. But, in the case of ibuprofen, can a capsule form of this medicine be advisable for use? These are facts about ibuprofen as a capsule type - its efficacy and safety. Read on.

Ibuprofen facts

As a NSAID, ibuprofen is indicated for headache, toothache, muscle aches, minor arthritis pain, backache, minor aches and pain associated with common cold, menstrual cramps and fever.

A tablet or a soft gel capsule of ibuprofen is indicated for every four to six hour with the maximum dose of 6 capsule a day. It is only to be taken as needed. Ibuprofen is only to be used maximum for ten days for pain and only three days for fever.

Ibuprofen capsule common trade names

Advil (Wyeth) 200mg capsule
Ibulan (Olan -Kemed) 400 mg capsule
Medicol advance (United laboratory) 200mg softgel capsule
Midol (Bayer) 200mg liquid gel capsule

Contraindications and precautions

Ibuprofen is not a good choice for an individual who have kidney or liver disease. While gastric problems and renal complications may be increased with elderly people, ibuprofen is not to be taken by pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. More to this, it is not to be used if a person has a history of stomach ulcers (bleeding from the stomach) or has an inflammation of the bowels or intestines.

Side Effects

As a NSAID, common undesirable side effects of ibuprofen include gastrointestinal problems such as dyspepsia, flatulence, epigastric pain, diarrhea, constipation heartburn, nausea and vomiting.

Drug interactions

Ibuprofen can alter the effect of most of antihypertensive agents. While it can decrease the effect of atenolol - a beta-blocker, ibuprofen can also cause additive damage to the liver with captopril - an ace inhibitor. Aspirin also lowers the ibuprofen levels. More to this, alcohol, other NSAIDS and anti-coagulant drugs or thrombolytic drugs may increase risk of bleeding.

Ibuprofen safety

Most NSAIDS are in tablet oral form. One reason for this is to prevent gastric irritation for certain individuals. However, for the past years manufactures have developed some pain relievers in capsule forms as mefenamic Ponstan SF, ibuprofen Midol soft gel capsule, piroxicam Feldene flash etc.

Compared to tablets, capsules have a more immediate effect. Soft gels in particular, contain liquid ingredients that help increase dissolution and absorption of the drug into the body tissues and into the site of action. These liquid ingredients are difficult to incorporate in other oral solid dosage form such as a tablet. However, with the quick dissolution of drug into the body, side effects are expected twice than a drug in tablet form.

The good news about ibuprofen is that, it has least incidence of untoward reactions compared to other NSAIDS, complications as bleeding ulcers is also not common with this drug. Except for intolerance or hypersensitivity cases, as long as ibuprofen is only taken properly in lesser strength (200mg) and with food, it is safe to use. A warning though, elderly people particularly from sixty and above are in great risk for unfavorable side-effects therefore an ibuprofen in capsule won’t be advisable for them.

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