Identify the Types of Breast Lumps in

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Which woman did not panic and worry if they find a lump in one or both breasts. Here are some types of bumps that can appear in the breast and possibilities.

Identify the Types of Breast Lumps in

Which woman did not panic and worry if they find a lump in one or both breasts. Here are some types of bumps that can appear in the breast and possibilities.

Not all lumps are found in the breast due to cancer, sometimes there is a lump that is not harmful and can be removed through minor surgery.

Experts from the Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Institute reveals that there are several types of lumps in the breast may appear as follows:

1. Soft lumps
Usually these lumps smooth, soft round shape like grapes and move slightly when pressed on it, and can cause pain when touched.

It may be that the lump is a cyst or fluid-filled sacs naturally caused by hormonal changes. Ultrasound examination is performed to see if the bumps contain liquid or solid. Your doctor can also insert a needle to remove fluid and reduce pressure if the cyst is painful.

2. Discharge
Usually found discharge from both nipples. This condition can be caused by fluid from the mammary gland. The reason could be because there is a problem in the thyroid or pituitary gland, and it could be due to stimulation of the nipples. Try talking to your doctor if the problem is caused by the gland are usually given medication.

3. Soft masses
The emergence of soft mass in the breast usually measuring about 1-4 inches are accompanied by pain in one or both breasts before menstruation, it could be a fibrocystic.

The cause is due to fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone to thicken the breast tissue. To reduce the pain can take painkillers or wear a support bra.

Some dietary changes can also help, for example by limiting fat and caffeine. However, if these symptoms continue to progress, it could not hurt to consult a doctor.

4. Hard mass
This is a hard, solid mass that has irregular edges or jagged, mass usually does not move or moves when pressed or pushed. There is the possibility of a tumor mass is cancerous and are generally painless.

The exact cause of the mass is not clear. But some things can be risk factors such as age and family history. If you find this you should contact your doctor and do the inspection.

5. Hard lumps
Generally lumps are round and hard, can reach 5 inches in size and can move around under the skin without any pain. Possible lumps are fibroadenoma.

Benign tumors are not as common cysts, but not common among women in their 20s and 30s. Usually performed mammograms and if the tumor is large, then surgical removal is the right choice.


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