If Negative Emotions Are Vitally Important, What Do We Do With Them?

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Trying to get in touch with our varying fickle emotions is like loading a worm on a hook attached to a cane pole: we can do it but not without blood, guts, indomitable wriggling and the gut-wrenching stench. But if you enjoy fishing...MODE of Cosmic Therapy

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MODE of Cosmic Therapy Email O Gram Invitation: Looking Beneath the Surface
Negativity; what does it really mean to you? How did you arrive at your particular definition of negativity? Did someone else establish the perimeter or were you able to decide for yourself how and in what measure negativity affects you?

First of all, state aloud the one negative emotion that you feel you have the most trouble with. It should not be hard to say since you struggle with it all the time. Envy, jealousy, greed, bitterness, remorse, hatred, gluttony, lust which one is it?

Surely you can name the one emotion that drains most of your life giving energy, youthful vitality and sexual interest.

Don’t you constantly reinforce its importance by determining that it bleeds into every other emotion you experience while causing you additional trouble in your daily affairs? You have become so identified with this particular feeling; you are calling it your own.

You’re so good at displaying it when you want to; you’ve become proficient at convincing yourself it’s real.

Not only have you convinced yourself that what you are saying really matters to you, you have blown the matter (emotion) out of such proportion as a means of escapism. The plain fact is: the distorted emotion is showing an area of your life that you don’t care anything about. You never have and you never will.

These so called negative damaging emotions are your friends: allies on your team if you would recognize their significant importance. The more implicit matter at hand is how you devise all sorts of scenarios to keep you away from you. {Distraction at all costs.]

It could be anything from boredom, restlessness, worry, guilt, remorse, regret, anger, overwhelming sense of responsibility, fear, control, inability to relax, jealousy, envy, pride, gossip, judgment, remorse and finally bitterness. Pick one. Nail it down.

Really, which one takes first place in your life? Can you relate to the amount of time it’s taking up of your day? The force behind the emotion is signaling your undivided attention. But, certainly NOT to the issue you think so vital but to the disowned part of your existence: you!

I’m not talking about an emotion you feel once in a while, I am referring to that emotion that you can’t go one single day without it showing up in some way.

How about your incessant need to be ‘right’ or to comment on another person’s words or actions? That’s a genuine negative emotion taken to its highest level of operation for your benefit.

The importance is staring you ‘smack dab’ in the face and yet you refuse to see it. You are so cleverly hiding from yourself; you don’t even recognize the lengths you do construct to masquerade unexpressed artistic energy.

All negative emotions are attached to the false self. You know the one; the ‘good’ person you want others so desperately to see you as. You have inadvertently identified with that decent, moral, law abiding, caring, sensitive, interested, and involved self so long you’ve bought the farm.

Lock, stock and barrel you spend you life trying to prove who you are instead of simply being how you are. (Notice the two words are spelled exactly the same when rearranged.)

Your authentic self, (which you earnestly deny, avoid and suppress) does not experience any of these negative emotions. The authentic self translate into pure passion.

Because you identify with the drama attached to that superficial so-called negative emotion, not only do you increase its influence but guarantee its hold on your day. In other words, you are a walking talking drama queen without the crown of advantage.

When it comes to eliminating or decreasing the effect these negative emotions have on you, you are powerless. {That’s the problem in a nutshell.} You are ineffective in destroying or getting rid of the negative emotions themselves by forcibly trying to take action against them.

All that you need do is to become aware of them.

That’s right. Simply observe them as you would ‘cats at play’! You may think that is an easy thing to do. If you would but try to observe yourself as you would an object of interest, amazing things begin to surface.

By allowing yourself to really see the emotion for what it is instead of identifying with it, allows a freedom unlived until you do. With a sense of wonder instilled in the observation, you will also notice that nothing from the outside causes any delegated emotional activity.

Nothing! Everything occurs on the inside. Furthermore, no other person can upset you or make you mad. And, if you’re real vigilant, you will surprise yourself by realizing deep down you are not upset in the least. Why? Because you don’t really care!

Of course, that will take a leap across the abyss of the unfamiliar territory of undiscovered aspects.

You are responsible for the senseless identification {or at least your false self} is responsible for the creation and experiencing of the particular necessary negative emotion. It’s a red blinking sign! While you are in the midst of its blinding arousing glare, step back and put forth a conscious effort to see that negative emotion in operation.

Do not try to judge it, diminish it, or repress it. You must experience it fully with no alteration on your part. Neither are you to justify it, make it greater than it is or deny it.

You must see it arising in you and when it reaches it high peak simply observe it without reacting. Look at it as though it was a bird in a tree. Then, if you are patient enough, watch it as it begins to fly off. Until you can really see the emotion without judging or reprimanding it, you will be forever held captive by its debilitating effect.

As soon as you can see it as a distinct result of many conflicting resplendent needs that you inadvertently fueled in past days, then and only then will the emotion lose its whining residual power. The unsightly residue will be used to erupt embryonic artistic sensual energy.

As you move through the various layers of negative emotion, realize, relate and allow the restorative beneficial impact with the rejuvenating force it offers. Cease fighting with your false self.

No more condemning the messages the vagrant emotions convey. Get with the program of observing the dramatic tactics you devise to thwart the false self. Remember: “…You are in this world but not of it…” (Paraphrased)

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author avatar Euphonos
9th Nov 2010 (#)

Paula, This is really helpful..Thanks for sharing.. I am a pessimistic person and I have been trying to control my negative thoughts.

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author avatar Paula Andrea Pyle MA
9th Nov 2010 (#)

No control necessary. Let them flow through you like water in a stream.

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