If you sleepwalk will your child sleepwalk, too?

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Do you sleepwalk? Ever wonder if your child will grow up to be like you? Did you have night terrors then sleepwalk as an adult and now your child is having night terrors and are you wondering if they, too, like you, will sleepwalk. That is if you had those two problems with sleep.

Researchers study sleep terrors amnd sleepwalking and its relationship

Research in Sleep Medicine at Sacred Heart Hospital in Montreal, Quebec Canada has a researcher there named Dominique Petit that did a study of children born Quebec with a number being 1.940 born in 1997 and 1998. Petit and her colleagues studied these children's data for ten years. They asked the mother if the child had night terrors one time or was a common thing in them or they never had a night terror.

Does sleepwalking run in the family?

The did this study because they believed sleepwalking ran in the family. They asked the parents if they ever had a sleepwalking incident. The conclusion was that it if mom and dad or just one of them had sleepwalking as a sleeping disorder, the children would have it. too. If the parents or one parent had this sleeping disorder, then the children have a seven times more chance that they, too, will sleepwalking. Petit explains that because the results are that if you have people in your family. Or in the genes of family members no longer here. The chances are there is going to be another sleepwalker in the family. But on this page and study we are focusing on children and their parents. The sleep terrors where it is crying and flailing of a baby or toddler that gets intense called sleep terrors is in the genes but not as strongly.

Kids and night terrors and ages they get rid of them

Petit wanted to know if an infant and toddler has sleep terror if when those same kids learned to walk and got out of the crib and got into their first bed if they also were sleepwalking. BY 1 ½-year-old a third of the kids in the study had sleep terrors. Buy by five-years-old, there were only thirteen percent still having night terrors. By the time of their first teenage year thirteen, years old only five percent still had terrors.

If a kid has night terrors is that a guaranteee they will sleepwalk?

What they found out is that they found out is that those kids who had night terrors as young kids were experiencing incidents of sleepwalking. It is a high number of kids who would sleepwalk they had night terrors thirty-four percent became sleepwalkers. Those who didn't have sleep terrors were twenty-two percent sleepwalkers. Out of children ages ten through thirteen, thirteen percent were sleepwalkers.
The part of the study I found interesting is that if a child in their early life had sleep terrors, there was a better chance that the child growing up would be sleepwalkers. More kids started to sleepwalk if their parents were sleepwalkers and had a history of it.

Relationship between parents who sleepwalk and will their children do the same?

When the parents were the one in the family with the sleep disorder, if only one parent took a night time walk, forty-seven percent of the children would sleepwalk. If both parents strolled, then sixty-two percent would develop this disorder. When neither parent sleepwalked twenty-five percent of children still grew up to be sleepwalkers.

There is only considered one problem with the study. That was it asked mothers the questions instead of doctors and sleep clinics.


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