Illegally Blonde

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It's amazing how easily we use words, yet sometimes our words can feel like emotional barbed wire to someone else. How conscious are you of the words you use?

Illegally Blonde

Recently someone said to me, 'oh you are sooo blonde'. Now those of you who are near and dear to me will know that there is nothing blond about me at all!!

In the moment that I heard the 'blond bomb' comment I felt initially surprised that someone I thought of as a nice friend could talk to me in quite an aggressive and unfriendly way. Then I felt angry. I associated the words with someone who was seen as stupid, manipulative and not very responsible. I didn't like being judged, and I didn't like being seen in such a negative way.

I know that my friend did not intend to be mean. Yet she spoke to me in a way that was acceptable to her, using language that is common in our culture. I started to wonder about the disposable comments we throw around. How many of them are kind and supportive?. How many do we use without thinking? Are we aware of the impact they can have on other people?

Some comments can feel like emotional barbed wire, and get us caught up in pain or fear. Others can set off an emotional domino effect of anger and arguments.

Words are so common place to us, and we use them glibly and easily, yet if they are used blindly they can cause intense pain, anger or confusion. I wonder how many people I have hurt and not realised it??

Having been momentarily, and illegally blond, I am now re-assessing how I talk to people. I try to be more conscious of the words and phrases I use. I attempt not to make demands, and instead invite or encourage people to respond to me. Most importantly I have become more aware of the trendy phrases that are in our language, and consider more carefully whether I want to include them in my vocabulary.

Words hold so much power, let's try to use them kindly with each other.


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