Impacts Of Hiv/Aids And Poor Access Or No Education

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HIV has a lot of impacts on education, the children who are either infected or affected have a lot that they go through, this page has a brief presentation of the way this disease has affected education.

impacts of the disease AIDS on education

A rise in numbers of child-headed households, child care-givers, as well as grandmothers who are forced to take care of their grandchildren. And high prevalence of school dropouts among AIDS orphans. The AIDS epidemic contributes to deepening poverty in many communities, since the burden of caring for the vast majority of orphans falls on already overstretched extended families; women or grandparents with the most meager resources. Such households are expected to earn 31% less than other households. Children orphaned by AIDS may miss out on school enrolment, have their schooling interrupted or perform poorly in school as a result of their situation. Expenses such as school fees and school uniforms present barriers to school attendance if orphans’ caregivers struggle to afford these costs.

Studies suggest that the impact of orphan hood on a child’s education is closely interlinked with other factors such as poverty. For example, this study revealed that most of these orphans in Thika have to perform some chores during school holidays and weekends to supplement the family income. However, the loss of a productive family member is likely to be a financial burden and might push a family into poverty, increasing the likelihood that a child orphaned by AIDS will miss out on school. Moreover, most orphans and their caregivers still do not receive any type of external support in the form of healthcare, nutrition, or psychosocial support.

Ensuring that households where a child has been orphaned by AIDS receive external care and support is therefore essential to ensure that the increasing number of AIDS orphans attend school. In a research released in 2010 revealed that in most countries in sub-Saharan Africa the gap between school attendance by orphans and non-orphans has narrowed although progress varies across the region. Despite this, orphans, particularly those from poorer households still remain less likely to attend school compared to non orphans. Outside of school, AIDS orphans may also miss out on valuable life-skills and practical knowledge that would have been passed on to them by their parents. Without this knowledge and a basic school education, children may be more likely to face social, economic and health problems as they grow up.


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30th Apr 2015 (#)

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Now I have no words to say regarding this as my military regiment brother in-law contracted it and has a wife and two kids fathered by someone else and I just boil and sterlise the utensils he touches as I don't want any contamination.
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