Importance of Nutrition

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Nutrition is the study of the food and how the body makes use of it.

Importance of Nutrition

Importance of Nutrition

Nutrition is the study of the food and how the body makes use of it. It is not only concerned with the quality or quantity of the food one eats but the process by which one receives and utilizes the food in the body for growth and renewal as well as for maintenance of the different body functions.

The basic function of nutrition is to provide life and to sustain that life by allowing it to grow and be in a state of optimum health. Specifically, the food one eats allows for growth in height and weight; provides heat and energy for work and play and keeps the body systems (e.g. digestive, respiratory, circulatory etc.) in good condition and functioning well.

Nutrition is closely related to health. Good nutrition is vital for a sound mind and a sound body. This is an indication of good health. Providing nutritious yet economical food is important for growing happy and healthy family members.

Not many people realize the importance of good nutrition. Good nutrition means taking in the right kind of nutrients needed by the body. Good nutrition makes happy and healthy family member. When every family member is properly fed, they feel and look good. He/she is active, has a pleasant disposition, and can relate with others.

Well-nourished individuals are healthy individuals. Healthy individuals make a healthy family. Healthy families can make a progressive community because its members are happy, active, and can participate well in the community activities. On the other hand, for a community to be healthy it should provide for the health needs for its members by establishing health center and other medical agencies (hospitals, clinics, etc); launch cleanliness campaigns; maintain systematic garbage collections; provide garbage disposal units; and from time to time hold meetings to make people aware of their community responsibilities. Likewise, people should intensify on food production campaigns like gardening at the backyard and tree planting; feeding programs for malnourished and undernourished children; and nutrition education classes for mothers and other community members.

The aim of this article is that people will be aware of the importance of nutrition in the health and well-being of a person. Other countries are facing problems with malnutrition and one of the major concerns in the world. It is right to understand the importance of nutrition in promoting advent change on the community. We should be thankful that we can still eat 3 meals a day.


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23rd May 2011 (#)

good nutrition result to strong immune system there preventing major illnesses

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This is an informative post. Got a lot of info and details from here. Thank you for sharing this and looking forward to reading more of your post.

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