Important Factors which affect Men's Fertility Destructively!

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The below are some essential factors that affect the fertility of a man to a great extent.

Important Factors which affect Men Fertility Destructively!

It is not only the woman who is alone responsible for not getting pregnant. In fact, there are high chances that the male's fertility is accountable for it. In the maximum number of cases where infertility problem exists, there are 40 percent chances that the problem is related to the women's fertility, and similarly, there are 40 percent chances that the problem associated with the man. However, the rest of the 20 percent might be due to the fertility problems in both or due to knowing unknown reasons.

The fertility of the men depends on many factors. Do you know that at the time of ejaculation around 200 million sperm syndicate together with the semen?

Well! From this 200 million sperm, only a few sperms get the option to fertilize with the egg, but it also varies from man to man. However, eventually, there will be just one sperm that fertilizes the egg. Isn’t this sound complicated?

There are so many things which affect the sperm’s viability like mobility, number, size, shape, and hence, male fertility. Thus, any man who is planning to start a new family must consider few essential factors that affect their fertility.

To know more about the factors affecting male fertility, read the below article and get your answer!

List of Essential factors which affect male’s fertility

The below are some essential factors that affect the fertility of a man to a great extent. So, if you are also having a habit of doing something like that then change this practice soon.

- Smoking
Doing smoking can lower the sperm count of man. It also results in reducing the mobility of the sperm. In fact of using the marijuana for the more extended period then it not only reduces your sperm but also make your sperm grow abnormally.

- Firmly packed testicles
Males who love to wear the tight pants do not know that this habit of them can cause in lower sperm count. Wearing the tight pants makes the testes to get heat up which acts as a disaster for the sperm. If your testicles are hot then, they will lose the capability of producing adequate sperms. So, you should try to wear those clothes are loose like boxers.

- Alcohol
Drinking too much alcohol also hinders the ability of the man to produce normal sperms. It affects the sperm count and even the man's ability to become father.

- Abnormal weight
A male who is obese or overweight suffers from the issue of fertility. In their body, the levels of hormones do not exist on the right levels. Similarly, the underweight men also suffer from the problem of the strangely low sperm count as well as small sperm utility.

- Excessive exercise
Nowadays, lots of men have become health conscious, and they regularly hit the gym for seven days in a week. But do you have any idea that extreme workout can decline your levels of testosterone in the body that can lower your sperm count as well? So, if you want to boost the testosterone levels then do some high-intensity training along with the intake of the natural supplements.

- Environmental toxins
Mostly the males that exposure to chemicals, pesticides, and any other toxic materials at their workplace are particularly inclined to infertility. They might suffer from the decreased sperm counts as well as motility problems.

The drugs that use during the chemotherapy can reduce the sperm counts. Such medicines can put a destructive influence on the sperm’s capacity to inseminate an egg. In fact, if you have high doses of these drugs then it can permanently lead to infertility.

- Steroids
The usage of the steroids can also disturb the functions of the hormone that are needed to create sperm. So, to get back your high-quality sperms, immediately stop the intake of the steroids.

- Low nutrient levels
Some men have the lower levels of zinc or vitamin C in their body which need for the right prostate function. So the small quantities of such nutrients can make the sperm ineffective.

- Antidepressants
The antidepressants usually prescribed for the men who want to cure the problem of depression and anxiety in them. But these drugs can also suppress your sperm and reduces your chances of becoming a father.

- Varicocele
There is almost 35 percent of the men who have the problem of infertility usually suffers from the varicoceles. It is an unusual dilated vein which locates in the scrotum. We are not saying that such males cannot become the father, but this condition can reduce their sperm quality significantly. In fact, it also damages the testicles after some time. But if you have a proper treatment for this problem then you may overcome it soon.

- Infections and STDs (Sexually transmitted disease)
There are few infections and STDs like gonorrhea, brucellosis, mumps, influenza, tuberculosis, syphilis, and typhoid which can make the testicles weaken. Ultimately, it lowers the sperm motility and also the sperm count. But if you have a testament to all these health issues then, you can get out of it rapidly.

- Hormone disorders
The hormone disorders are not the typical problem in man, but if it exists, then it might lead to male infertility. For example, the higher levels of the hormone prolactin known as Hyperprolactinemia can decrease sperm creation. Hormone problem like Hypothyroidismis also connects to the issue of low semen quality as well as an abnormal function of testicular.

Final word!

So, it's wrapping time in our article!

In the end, we just want to say that don’t blame women every time for the problem of conceiving. Sometimes the reason might be a man also.

In the above article, we have discussed with you the critical factors that affect the male fertility. So, if you are also struggling to become a father then just change your lifestyle and consider all the above factors in your mind. If you can make few changes in your life later, you will surely bless with a child soon.

We hope that you like our article. If you have any query to ask then, write to us in the below comment box. We will reply back to you at the earliest.

Thanks for reading and keep searching our website for more articles on health!


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