Important Things to Know Before Doing Your Laser Teeth Whitening

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Looking forward to do your laser teeth bleaching? Read this first!

Things are not that simple.

The color of our teeth is mostly genetically conditioned. However, many factors influence it throughout our lifetime. Cigarettes, coffee, tea, chemically or naturally colored products and poor mouth hygiene leave their marks on our enamel. Therefore, even if your teeth are naturally white, it can change with time.

Luckily, nowadays the dental services provide various procedures that can bring your teeth their natural whiteness back. The whitening procedures can be performed with the help of different tools. The trendiest of them is laser teeth whitening. It is the most expensive one among them, but the snow-white color with minimal harm on the enamel is worth it.

Laser teeth whitening is a purely cosmetic procedure and does not bring your dental health any benefit. This is why many cosmetic clinics without medical services provide it too. Still, it is better to get it done in a dental clinic because it requires an approach that is more professional. A professional dentist will first examine your teeth and appoint you some additional exams if necessary.

It also has its contraindications. Among the common ones, like pregnancy, young age or health conditions. There are also individual ones such as peculiarities of teeth like increased sensitivity, the tendency for the enamel's fast wear, old fillings in the areas of future work, pores and tiny fissures in the enamel or allergy on the procedure components can become a problem.

There is also one thing you should know about the procedure. Right after it, your teeth will look very white. However, it will not be their color. In a couple of weeks, it will become more yellowish – it is normal. You will have to be on the so-called white diet for a while not to spoil your new teeth color.
I hope that this information will be useful for you to choose the option for the beauty of your smile.


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