In My Life, There has been triumph and tragedy, but the application of realistic thinking comes down to this:

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Sure, there are many things that can be said about mental health, but this one sticks out in my mind deeply. It sticks out as deeply as the roots of an oak tree go down into the earth.

How to avoid suicide, no matter how sensitive you are or the temptations to commit it hit you

Sure, we all have troubles, no one is perfect and we all fail and succeed at something in that order, failure then success. My point here is that giving up existence and God's greatest gift is never the answer. I do not know if that answer is right or wrong for you, but I do know that the answer that giving up is never right for me.

Sure, I can mince words. I can play with words, but ultimately you have to make a decision about yourself. You must make the comeback, and if this is your first failure, you must really make the comeback, nobody can do it for you except for you.

Okay, so many have succeeded before you, but even more than have succeeded have failed at first. In fact, I can honestly implore that so many that have succeeded have failed before they have succeeded. As the old saying goes, "success is simply knowing how not to fail." Throwing away a life is the ultimate failure.

After all, to quote/paraphrase Harold Sherman in his books on "You Live After Death" and "The Dead Are Alive": You do not really die, your consciousness just shifts. Although I agree with that, it does not mean that you agree with it. In fact, on this, I say think for yourself, and reason it out for yourself. I make no claim to being an authority except to say that I have felt suicidal at times in the mid-1990's, but I do not anymore is the only thing I can honestly say for myself.

After all, Viola Davis may have a show called "How To Get Away With Murder", but I ask this question in all seriousness: With reality on the line, how can anyone get away with murdering themselves? After all, there was a movie and situation comedy called MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) that implied that "suicide is painless", but is it? I understand that it is not on both ends, by the one who commits it and the people left over by the person who commits it. I know, I am telling some painfully honest reality here, but it needs telling if we are to evolve into better.

Realistically, a winner solves their problems, they do not escape them

Only losers escape. I once read a poker manual by a man named Dr. Wallace that told that honest truth about life. To win, you must not escape your problems, you must solve them. I know that Captain James Kirk in the "Star Trek" shows patted himself on the back at the end of every show episode for escaping his problems, but then he faced them in the movies, especially "Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan" where all of his problems seemed to bubble up in one movie, especially at the end when his best friend and first officer dies, and he sees that what he said was just a group of words like "How you face death is as important as how you face life". But in the subsequent "Star Trek" movies, he faces that honest truth and even wins against it, even in "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" where he faces down the feared "alien" Klingons that killed his son in the movie after "Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan". My point is that, how you face life is as important as how you face death and everything.


Sure, all I can offer here is words, but, if I give some realistic solace and understanding through those words. That will be a beautiful thing for me, for life is much more than talk and chatter about what life means. It is action, it is what you do after all the words are said that counts.

Some of the greatest actions have been taken after some of the worst words have been said. After all, what do you think the old Notre Dame University Coach Knute Rockne meant when he said during a grueling game against Gonzaga University in the 1920s instead of a standard motivational speech, he peeked his head into the locker room and said "Oh, I thought these were the quarters of the Notre Dame team." quietly, then, he left just as quietly and they actually won the game and the championship that year.


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