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People are adding ground nut in the group of nuts like akrot,badam,pista and cashew nut , they may be added as a dry fruits list according to their value of its nutrients, scientifically they are belongs to Legume group of spices, they are just like pees,so they are called as peanuts, they are also called as groundnut, because they are coming from inside the soil

History, availability,consumption,adding in foods

Peru of South America is the native place of ground nuts(pea nuts) from there they spread all over the world, now China and India stands first in Production of ground nuts, though they are largest producers, people of these countries are using the oil of these ground nuts vigorously, they could not export much ground nut. It is amazing that there is no production of these ground nuts crop in European economic countries, but they are becoming first in consuming the ground nuts. Ground nut cooked with sugar is sold as black (chikkis in India)snacks in those countries, they are mixing colors in these snacks to get more attraction, ground nut are used in making of sandwiches, cakes, cookies and sweets. Ground nuts are used in the form of peanut butter for sandwiches in those nations Europe and African countries

Ground nut milk, Peanut butter, snacks, chikkis

In some places ground nuts are soaked in water ,after that removing their upper layer and grind them like paste and after that adding required water and filtered it just like coconut milk, people are drinking these ground nut milk with sugar for extra taste, in some places they are making curd from these milk for that purpose they are adding some cow milk for fermenting the milk to curd, the ground nut powder is used in making more taste to food, Peru and Spanish people are also used them more in making food for extra taste, when comparing with other nuts ground nuts are available at cheaper rate ,so people are using them in sweets, Palau’s and in other foods, ground nuts are nutrients food so they are served to old people and children, ground nuts are used in making peanut butter and they are supplied to the famine countries in the Africa by Unicef and world health organizations

These ground nuts are used in the Industry also other than food supplement, they are using in nitro glycerin, paints, soaps, warnish, pesticides also, with their proteins they are preparing threads also for cloths, with their husk they are preparing cellulose in making plastic, board, paper also.

The Ingrediants in 100 gms of Groundnuts contains

Calories 570 Kilo calories
Fats 48 grams
Mono unsaturated 24 grams
Poli unsaturated 16 grams
Saturated 7 grams
Peach 9 grams
Proteins 25 grams
Calcium 62 mg
Iron 2 mg
Magnesium 182 mg
Manganese 1.934 mg
Prosperous 3.36 mg
Potassium 332 mg
Sodium 18 mg
Zinc 3.3 mg


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author avatar Denise O
15th Dec 2010 (#)

Mmmm now I want a peanut butter sandwich.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar yugasini
15th Dec 2010 (#)

hi denise,

thanks for the comment,have a nice day

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author avatar Mahesh
21st Feb 2011 (#)

Could you please send me of the fodders details and products
iam mahesh frm uae doing fodder business

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author avatar Shamma Anna Jacob
14th Dec 2011 (#)

Hey, i'm a research student currently working on applications on groundnut in India. Groundnut milk being one of it, your information helped a lot. Could you please tell me names of companies manufacturing groundnut milk and other products!

thanks and regards

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