Inside Look: Chirophobia

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An inside look at chirophobia-Fear of Hands which includes looking into the psychological disorder, and many opinions.

Inside Look: Chirophobia

Chirophobia is one of the rarest phobias today. It is characterized by a major fear of hands. This includes one’s own hands and others. It is a major detriment when it comes to day to day interactions of the individual who is affected by the psychological disorder. Most of the time, a chirophobic can be spotted by mittens. It is said that a chirophobic person wears mittens year round, through cold or warm weather. They are said to groan in terror at the concept of a handshake, another wards, Chirophobia is really the fear of hands. Some of the most severe symptoms of this psychological disorder includes a deep sense of physical revulsion's at the sight thumbs, energy drying up at the thought of fingernails, dry mouth upon seeing meaty fingertips, abnormal emotional reactions upon passing a palm reader’s or glove store, palpitations on seeing or even imagining knuckle hair, a crippling sense of helplessness on seeing a wrist and in extreme cases even emotional paralysis at the sight of a forearm, crying and a bit of jowlines. The most common symptoms are feelings of dread, Overwhelming thoughts of terror and panic, rapid heartbeat, and tunnel vision.

One of the ways to deal and treat this rare psychological disorder is to see an aromatherapist. The reason behind this is because Aromatherapy is of great benefit in relieving stress and stress-related symptoms including anxiety, depression and insomnia. Hence it is entirely suitable for the general treatment of phobia, enhancing a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation and reducing general anxiety. An aromatherapist is able to design a whole body massage for an individual person, choosing the essential oils that are most suited to the person’s temperament, symptoms and medical or emotional problems. My thoughts on this condition is kinda different than what I found about this subject. What I believe and think is that people become afraid of their own hands and others to the point where the mere thought of shaking someone’s hands terrifies them is because people in today’s world are afraid of catching Super-bugs, bacteria, diseases such as Swine Flu and other similar deadly diseases. Another way a person may develop this and other phobias is because it is generally accepted that this phobia may arise from a combination of external events and internal predispositions.

Things from a persons childhood and they’re past may have impacted an individual very negatively such as an accident or scarring that resulted from an accident to himself or to someone close to him. I no doubt would have to agree with these findings many because they make a lot of sense and sound very logical. Like the above stated, whenever something very traumatic happens, it tends to linger on deep within your mind, causing a person to become overcome with fear whenever they see or touch something that was similar to the event, or something linked to the event. One has to imagine what it must feel like being in a chirophobics shoes. Another important thing you must realize about this phobia and other phobias is that mental stress may lead to heart disease. Most people believe that stress plays a role in heart disease. A study published in the latest issue of Psychophysiology finds that large rises in blood pressure during mental stress are associated with higher levels of activity in the regions of the brain associated with experiencing negative emotions and generating physiological responses in the rest of the body. Another wards, the stress of this phobia if presented multiple times a day, every day, would lead many to believe the individual may be risking his mental, his Psychological, and more importantly… his physical health due to the stress of this and other phobias. The research done over the years has shown that exaggerated activity in the cingulated cortex during mental stress may generate excessive rises in blood pressure that may place some individuals at a greater risk for heart disease. In my opinion, I believe these findings are accurate. Mainly because if every hour you come across shaking hands with another individual, and each time you go into a panic mode, The stress of each of these different situations may be enough to do great harm to your heart because of the stress, especially if the person faces these situations every day.

In the end, Chirophobia, the fear of hands, may not be just a simple psychological disorder, rather it just be may be an attack waiting to happen.


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