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Back pain is a common affliction that affects millions of people across the globe. It is considered to afflict 90% of humanity at least once in a lifetime. There is no particular age range that is immune from this ailment though it rampant for people between the ages of 35 to 55 years and above.

Understanding Back Pain

The back in humans have an interconnecting web of structures,including muscles,joints,ligaments,bones and tendons. The back have a support structure composed primarily of of the spine,which in turn have the vertebrae, consisting of 24 bony mass including that of the coccyx and sacrum.

There are discs located between the vertebrae that allow the spine to bend while acting as shock absorbers. The spinal chord leads through vertebrae's central canal transporting nerves to the rest of the body from the brain.

It is not exactly pinned what particularly is responsible for back pain,but preponderantly considered that a strain on an interconnecting supporting structure located at the back is responsible instead of a nerve strain. Such pains attributable to a severe subsisting condition is not commonplace and is rather unlikely except in old age or youth.

Common Causes

There are no underlying conditions considered to be the major reason for back pains. There are however a number of factors that exacerbate the risk of occurrence. These factors include;

Sitting, bending or standing for a long stretch
Pulling or carrying heavy loads
A fall or a trip
Sleeping on bad mattress
Anxiety,stress and associated conditions
A poor posture
There are other conditions that are responsible for lower back pain even though they are considered rare. These are;

Slipped disc condition- A bulge in the disc puts pressure on the spinal nerves as it pushes far out of position
Rheumatoid arthritis-Inflammation of the surrounding structures and lining of the joints caused by the body immune system
Cancer or an infection is also rarely responsible for low back pain
Disc Diseases- There are degenerative conditions in the disc that result from a wearing down
Osteoarthritis-- The joints in the spine are worn down from wear and tear conditions
Spondylolisthesis-A slip forward of a back bone that puts it out of position
Spinal Stenosis-A narrowing condition in the spine spaces
Osteoporosis-A loss of density in the bones that weakens them to brittleness,weakness and a tendency to break
Fracture-Any fracture or crack in any back bone

How To Identify Back Pain




Any of the above conditions in the lower back is indicative of a such pains. It is considered non-specific and have a tendency to gradually ease out after a few days

Acute back pain can also result at other times based on the length of time it has lasted. The timing will be;

A period under six weeks-Acute

Between six to twelve weeks-Sub-acute

More than twelve weeks-Chronic

How To Diagnose Back Pain

A GP will diagnose back pain from the symptoms present at a particular time in addition to running a few other tests. A failure to improve after some treatment and time frame will result in a likely reference to a specialist clinic for back ailments. Other tests will be run to include;


Possible CT scan

A magnetic and radio wave image scan

Blood tests

These procedures will help in isolating the possibility of a specific or underlying cause for these pains.


Self help

Hot or cold packs applied to the affected areas can help in relieving the pain. Cold or hot pack are advised to wrapped in towels to prevent damage to the skin area

It is advised that sufferers should not relapse to inactivity as this might worsen instead of improving it. Resting time should not become perpetual bed rest


A Gp may prescribe medicines if a measure of self help will not be of effect.or if the back pain is considered non- specific. A mix of physical therapy may also be in play for severe conditions. Further reference to a specialist may be considered for suitability of injection treatments. This is not generally recommended for everyone.

Physical therapies

A health specialist in mobility improvement may be well placed to help in exercise and stretching of the body. Recommendation to chiropractic treatment are sometimes also recommended with conventional treatment to relieve the pain. This is

Treatment might involve massage,posture advice,exercises and spinal mobilization techniques. Treatment period might differ according to severity of the condition. It will normally extend for a period up to twelve weeks


Surgeries are only considered in specific conditions as a last resort.

Pain Management Programs

Acupuncture helps in low back pain relief and is administered in about 10 sessions over a twelve week period. Pain management programs are away of dealing with symptoms and could provide great relief as well.

A Gp is better consulted before trying out complimentary therapy.


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