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What's the point in de-cluttering our homes if our brains are still busy? Why not decorate from the inside instead, and leave the matching cushions to someone else?

Interior Design

A few interior design catalogues plopped onto my doormat recently. They act as a reminder of my old life and interests as an interior designer. There was a time when matching colours mattered to me, and I would get disturbed when an interior was not polished to design perfection. I still felt curious enough to flick through and stare at the pictures and wonder at what was now taking the design world by storm. I felt surprised to see that the design ideas and concepts seemed incredibly superficial. I felt that peopple were being encouraged to fill up their houses and physical spaces with all sorts of contrivances and technology that was supposed to make life easier and people look better by being in a designed space.

I felt sceptical about the claims being made to de-clutter, rationalise and design our homes. I did not really believe the claims that this would bring peace of mind, clearer thinking and greater creativity.

Reflecting on the images I had seen, it seems to me that a really important aspect was missing. Where was the heart in all of this? What's the point in de-cluttering our homes if our brains are still busy?

I realised that the vogue for interior design was focussed outwards, in earth bound things. Maybe we need to decorate from within the soul, not externally in our houses? Maybe this is how we could find peace and harmony, in internal balance and not obsessing over matching cushions and wallpaper in our outside world??

I realised that the catologues were encouraging self reflection in the direction of ego. I wonder if more significant change happens when we decorate, repair and de-clutter inside on a heart and soul level instead?

The soul and heart is where we need to do the stripping back and re-modelling of out moded ideas and de-clutter our attachments to things that are not serving our best interests. Let's still ego and judgement! let's look and see what judgements we cling to like old wallpaper, and see if we can strip those layers of thinking away? Is there an assumption we make that sticks like glue to our souls? Maybe it's time to give it a good scrub, and see if we can get rid of it? What else do you have on the inside that is blocking flow of energy or creativity? Maybe it's time to remove a wall of resistance in the soul, check out if fear is blocking light getting to the heart?

If we can work on the subtelties of how blocks present themselves in our lives maybe there's chance of making a start on a serious inside decorating project? Our internal decorating is always a work in progress and takes patience and diligence to keep at it. I imagine it like stripping back years and years of paint off an anitque wall. There is no short cut and no rush as layers and layers of stuff get removed gently and quietly.

Spiritual design is also a job that will never be finished. While we can complete our physical houses and get them perfectly presented to the outside world, our soul work happens on a more subtle, invisible and continuous basis, that we have to trust is in action, even if we cannot see it happening.

Maybe if you get the urge to wallpaper, do some painting or re -model your home perhaps it's your soul calling for attention instead?

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