Is Diet Soda Better Than Water For Weight Loss?

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With zero calories, bubbly carbonation, and loads of flavor, dieters love to indulge in low-to no calorie beverages for sustenance, even choosing it over water.

Myths About Diet Soda & Dieting

With zero calories, bubbly carbonation, and loads of flavor, dieters love to indulge in low-to no calorie beverages for sustenance, even choosing it over water. While this may be a very thirst quenching alternative to H20, there are numerous studies which have produced facts which are quite contradictory to common belief. Most would actually be surprised to hear how detrimental a consistent diet soda intake can be to one who is trying to either lose weight or keep it off. The purpose of this article is to inform readers of the various aspects of counter-productivity that are involved when diet soda is implemented as part of a regular diet, weight loss or otherwise.

In years gone by, many believed that diet soda did no harm to the weight loss efforts of the dieter. As a matter of fact, commercials boasted continually about the correlation between indulging in these beverages and maintaining a slim figure. Caffeine, which is usually present in soda beverages, was touted as providing energy and suppressing appetite and the bubbly carbonation was a motivating spirit lifter.

As years of study have been conducted into the benefits or detriments of soda, or diet soda intake in particular, scientists have found the opposite to be true in any and every detail. The following information will allow you to understand how diet soda is not only counter-productive, but is simply not good for you. You will also discover how excessive intake can result in addiction. By the end of this discussion, you will be wondering, "Could diet soda really be better than water for weight loss?

Diet Soda Has A Negative Effect On the Metabolism

Studies show that over 10,000 adult subjects showed that consuming as little as one diet beverage in a 24 hour period raises the risk for metabolic syndrome drastically. The results are an increased risk for heart disease as well as increased fat around the mid-section, or torso. This defeats the purpose of any spot exercising or body sculpting you may be engaging in during your weight loss plan.

Diet Soda Actually Contributes To Obesity

The fact is this: diet sodas of no kind contribute in any way to the actual weight loss process. The fact of the matter is the more diet soda a person consumes their risk for becoming overweight increases by leaps and bounds. It has also been proven that diet soda drinkers who consume two or more of these beverages a day have the potential to increase their waste lines by as much as 500%! Here is the disturbing reason: man made sweeteners throw the human body's natural ability to process sugars into a virtual tailspin, and as a result, the rest of the metabolic process has to make up for it. Drinkers of diet soda also have an increased chance of developing type 2 diabetes later on in life.

Water: The Delicious, Natural Solution

Good old agua, sent straight from the Heavens and providing us with life sustaining goodness. We are surely all familiar with the fact that water hydrates our bodies, but do we know exactly what that means to us and our weight loss plan? If not, here are some of the best reasons in the world to choose water over diet soda any day of your diet, if not every day:

* If we are properly hydrated, our metabolism will reach the ideal point for our age and weight, and will even surpass what we expect, burning more calories than any diet soda could motivate it to.

* When the body is properly hydrated, you not only begin to possess an almost indescribable sense of physical well-being, but you will be filled with energy and motivation. Both of these will burn calories.

* We think clearer when we drink enough water. This helps us to make the right food choices and other sensible decisions regarding our weight loss diet.

There are numerous reasons why diet soda is simply counter-productive to any weight loss diet, as well as being bad for you all the way around. Water is the perfect substance for the human body in all aspects, as it hydrates, cleanses refreshes, strengthens, and invigorates. Make a commitment today to get rid of the diet soda doing such damage to your body and lifestyle. Start drinking water today. 8-10 8 oz. glasses is a great start, and in no time you will begin to feel like the brand new you that you want so badly to be.


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author avatar WOGIAM
18th Jun 2014 (#)

I have read enough to comment that soda water is not good for diet or in the long term anyones health, water is still the most nutritious fluid for the body.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
18th Jun 2014 (#)

Very helpful...many thanks Donna...

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author avatar C.D. Moore
18th Jun 2014 (#)

Useful and informative article.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
21st Jun 2014 (#)

clean water so important and having just gone through a bout of virus all I thirsted for was a clear glass of fresh water...
sodas I never drank and they are detrimental on one's health...thank you

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author avatar Retired
4th Aug 2014 (#)

Thanks for the useful information. I just have to start the diet!

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