Is Opdivo a medicine you would want to take?

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Opidivo is a medicine that is used for a very advanced lung cancer, but it might not be for everybody who has this cancer

Opdivo a medicine for an advanced form of lung cancer

Opdivo is a prescription medicine a far along and advanced lung cancer doctors have named Squamous Non-small Cell Lung Cancer that those with it take after Platinum-based chemotherapy and cancer has either grown or is spreading

The medicine is given by 10mg/ml in intravenous injection form.

Teens and Opdivo

If on this occasion if somebody younger than 18-years old gets lung cancer and it advances to this stage and type of lung cancer.The teenager should never be given Opdivoas there is no evidence yet if it will help a person that young. They don't even know if it was safe for the 18 -years olf or younger group. So it is best to be safe and never prescribe it for somebody that young

Immune system attacking formerly healthy organs

The medicine may not even be safe for adults because while this medicine is supposed to work the patients immune system.The immune system if this medicine keeps it healthy can be a great help. BUT if the Opdivo causes the immune system to attack other numerous organs in the person be attacked by the immune system. The organs it can cause the immune system to attack usually used to be healthy and have no cancer in them like the person's lungs.When the immune system attacks the organs, it could cause them not to do their job in the body correctly.

There is no time frame while taking this medicine that you can only get this. Such as maybe during a certain amount of months. But sorry, there is no time frame. A person can get these organ attacks anytime during the time they are taking the medicine. They can even have the same problem with the immune system attacking the organs after a person is no longer on the medicine.

Side effects of Opdivo

Here are some side effects that may be:

  • pneumonitis that is a lung disease the has given the person a new cough, or if they had a cough it could get worse. They develop a shortness of breath and they have chest pain.

  • Hepatitis means liver problems. Some of the signs and symptoms of hepatitis that will give the person has a clue they have a problem. The skin turned a yellow tint, the yellow of the white part of your eyes. Very bad cases of nausea and vomiting. Pain on the right side of the abdomen. (stomach) You might feel on the right side. Or have urine as dark as the color tea. The urine might contain blood fF they usually don;t get too many bruises and have hit into something, they suddenly they start getting more bruises
  • The person can also just be cutting cheese for their Christmas party, and the finger is nicked then the person with hepatitis may bleed a lot more than is normal. They may have had a normal appetite for years then suddenly they don't feel like eating,

    Hormone gland side effect

    Some more side effects:
    The person might have Opdivo might develop problems with the hormone glands with an emphasis on the glands.The thyroid and the pituitary the symptoms the glands aren't working right.These include headaches you just can't stop, Headaches that are unusual. Tiredness in the extreme. Either gaining or losing weight, mood or behavior changes such as not having your healthy appetite for sex, irritability, dizziness, forgetfulness, fainting, hair loss, cold feeling, voice getting deeper, and constipation

    Other side effects of Opdivo

  • Kidney problems are problems such as kidney failure and Nephritis. Other symptoms include not as much urine coming out when the person urinates. They can have swollen ankles, no longer any appetite, and blood in the urine.

  • Organs that can be affected are the eyes with problems developing in their eyesight, rash. There can be muscle and joint pains these can be severe or stay with you and won't go away.Or there can be the weakness of the muscle.

    Why a doctor should know symptoms from side effects

    If any of the side effects noticed by the patient who should be checking themselves for the symptoms mentioned. They should also have their doctor do a regular check along with questions about the symptoms.

    If the patient goes to the doctor with some of the kidney symptoms because they read what to look for as symptoms. Or if the person is getting examined and the doctor notices these symptoms. Or if the doctor questioned the person and finds out their urine has had blood in it for about a week. If the person has one of the conditions that are described the doctor can treat the patient and it won't have time to be more severe or serious.

    Pregnancy and Opdivo

    Before Taking Opdivo the person who the doctor wants to take Opdivo. If it is a woman and she is pregnant, going to get pregnant by trying or hope to get pregnant in the future the doctor should know. As the doctor might think the woman needs a medicine that wouldn't hurt their either current baby or near future fetus,

    If a woman isn't planning to get pregnant and aren't pregnant and aren't planning to get pregnant. If a woman has a doctor wanting her to take this and she isn;t planning to get pregnant or doesn't want to get pregnant. The doctor will ask the woman if she wants to be sexually active taking this to have a reliable form of birth control like oral contraceptives or also known as the pill,

    Breastfeeding and Opdivo

    If a woman is taking Opdivo and is using birth control and becomes pregnant .As soon as the woman finds out she is pregnant she has to let the doctor know after she finds out about the baby. Sometimes birth control fails, or she is just somebody who didn't want the responsibility of birth control then becomes pregnant taking this medicine must tell the doctor at once.

    When a woman starts taking this medicine, Just because she isn;t pregnant when starting to take Opdivo, the doctor might not know if she has a baby at home she is breastfeeding. So she should tell the doctor if she wants to continue to breastfeed. The doctor will prescribe another medicine because the medicine goes through the breast milk and could harm a sweet baby.

    All your medical conditions and medicines taking

    The doctor will have if the person has problems with their immune system and has a medical condition like Crohn's Disease, lupus, ulcerative colitis, have an organ transplant, breathing problems, problems with the lungs, Affected by any other possible medical condition or disease should be told to the doctor.

    Tell the doctor all the over the counter medicines you take aspirin, or allergy medicine, any prescription medicines, and herbal supplements.

    Side effects and how to report a new side effect

    The side effects of Squamous Non-small cell lung

  • shortness of breath
  • bone pain
  • joint pain
  • no appetite or less hungry than usual
  • nausea
  • a cough
  • constipation
  • muscle pain
  • [*[ drained

    If a person is Opdivo and is experiencing a side effect that bother them or worries the person. Discuss it with the doctor who prescribed OIpdivo. Discuss it even if the side effect is one that is not mentioned on any side effects of this medicines. They might have discovered a new side effect.

    If a person is in the United States and has a bad side effect they think is being caused by the medicine but is not mentioned. He person should go to the FDA and report it.

    Report it by

    go to

    or call 1-800-FDA-1088


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